proxies exploding over the web

maybe it is the sign of the times but proxies are exploding over the web. The reason seems to be that at one hand there are free php scripts available and free hosts that will you set up such a service on any php or cgi site in no time. At the other hand there is a real demand for such sites - although you can't see it in the hundreds of listings and rankings that are published.

Next week you can expect to find a lot of new tools for netvibes, rss proxy lists and other resources coming up to help you through the rumble.

One should at the other side be careful not to blindly trust anything that is called a proxy. It can be a honeypot from an intelligence or police service or it can even be badly programmed so that the information still comes through while you are thinking that you can do whatever you like because you think you are behind a filter (but you don't expect it not to work).

At the other side it makes the work much harder for networkdefenders because these proxies are developing in such a way that they try to circumvent any block that you are setting. The daily growing list makes it harder for administrators to keep such tools out of their webtraffic. This is necessary because people (sadly) think they can do anything they dreamed off when they think they are anonymous. Even if it becomes a nightmare that will haunt them afterwards for some time.

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