I am just a lazy script kiddie playing around with programs against my own network to see what would work if I was to be at the other side of the world and closing down things all the time - because exploits go much faster nowadays than solutions. (heard about the latest flash exploit lately)

But when I am bored I would start looking out for something else to have fun with - (stop I am really joking here - I am never going to hack or exploit any other network because I know the Belgian law much too well for this and I would repeat this all the time to whoever wants to hear it - even if it seems to have another effect sometimes).

But as I am lazy I go to the wikiscanner   http://wikiscanner.virgil.gr and I can fill out a name of a city, a country,, a firm, part of a name, an ISP, a hoster, an administration or just an IP address and even if it doesn't find any wikipedia changes it will still give you the list of all the known parts of the network it has found in the giant database of IP2LOC.

So lazy admins you are totally naked now. No part of your network is hidden, no unpatched or unmonitored system can not be found and checked, no Ip address is anonymous anymore. In about half an hour I know your network and where is your mailserver, your server, your DNS and all your routing. Than comes the exploits (do you know there are huge lists of zero days that aren't even known yet ?).  So you are lost....

except if wikiscanner changes it policy and only gives networkranges where there are changes in wikipedia and leaves out all the rest so the more important ranges of your network that were supposed to be more hidden aren't listed anymore.

words to try  bank, national, ministerie, politie, stock market, insurance, ebay,  microsoft, fortis, antwerp, brussels, ....................

No I won't publish them here

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