wikiscanner shows wikistupedia to the world

Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia, it is just a collection of facts, rubbish, mistakes, ideologies and stupidity. You can find some information in it, but you should always double check. Using wikipedia at school or letting it be used as a solely source for research is totally irresponsable.

The proof has been given with the new tool wikiscanner that gives the world the possibility to see what has been changed by whom. And oh surprise it shows that agencies and firms are changing their own pages and distorting truth, covering up things or just trying to get things out.

It shows that the battle for truth and facts can't be won on this basis because the paid 'changers' by the firms will always win in time and resources against the freelancers that just try to get the facts right. It will also show that the ideological and fanatical will always win against the moderate in this kind of online battles because the first will do whatever it takes to have things going their way.

Wikipedia says it is no problem because there are guardians looking over things and trying to mediate or stop spammers and abuse and that the majority will always win over the minority, but is it really so ? You can see for yourself now.


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