some conclusions about wikipedia research

The tool wikiscanner is quite interesting and if you take the time than you can find out a lot about who was stupid enough to think that anonimity could be achieved on the internet without investments. So we can't find out with this tool who used third parties or his own name to make editions.

But even with this tool there is no fundamental change in the way wikipedia functions, even if it has thousands times more traffic than an encyclopedia. Wikipedia will always be open for manipulation, mistakes, spam and selective texts. The problem with the current tool may even be that people won't take the effort to change the mistakes anymore because they can be discovered if they do it by themselves (and can be disciplined for doing so in some cases) and so factual mistakes will take longer to be corrected.

The other thing that springs out is that organisations and brands should be careful what people do on their worktime with the public IP address of the network. If you Google an IP address you may be surprised in what you could find. Are for example those two big firms directly linked to those organisations or is it just the employee ? You can't tell from an Ip address used during office hours.

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