I feel so sorry for Mr Beirens from fCCU

Today i've read in the newspaper that Belgium is getting a new group that will pursue small internet fraud and crime because the local justice all around our small country has no will or time or expertise to treat it. So Mr Beirens of the fCCU says that the new staff will inventarize and treat it and try to exchange international information if possible.

He says he wants to reduce internet crime that way.

Poor Mr Beirens. I feel sorry for him.

He wants to reduce internet crime with a DNS provider that sells domainnames with the names of banks and other financial services in it to people that don't have any right to do so.

He wants to reduce internet crime in a country where Visa and mastercard says that eshopping is safe but in which every month hacked belgian eshops are listed on http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be

He wants to reduce internet crime in a country where the law that would oblige ISP's to filter out spam, phishing and malware before it reaches the servers and surfers is a dead forgotten piece of paper without personnel, budget and the necessary administrative framework.

He wants to reduce internet crime in a country where nobody is responsable for what happens or doesn't happen online and nobody takes any responsability because no law obliges them to be secure and to inform if you were compromised.

He wants to reduce internetcrime in a country where nobody wants to talk about it because .......  You don't break the omerta and you don't want to create panic, don't you.

Well Mr Beirens, don't be a Don Quichotte or yes be one and together we'll clean this mess up. In that case I'll even be happy to be the mule.

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