joining EKZ team has some advantages

 well you get access or can ask information from hidden resources like

1200 RSS feeds about itsecurity in 3 languages and in its broadest sense and other stuff monthly cleaned and updated 

5000 links of which more than 1000 hidden resources

a secret wikipedia that tries to centralise all that ITsec information into something you can use on your network

and who knows

who can ask access

well you have to work in the IT buzz, be buzzy with IT or publish or do something interesting with it

well, there is some work to be done to get a bit of action around here, so you will have to post when one of these blogs around here (or propose another one) when they become teamblogs, take a subproject into hands or help cleaning up some online libraries and stuff like that

simple leeching won't do

no illegal activities although and always with responsable disclosure - we are no hacking group. We are an IT security activist group. For more security for everyone online. We should break the omerta.

how do you get into contact

just mail me and I'll contact you


ps don't be surprised that much more stuff is going to be private for active members only in the near future.

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I like your little blog you have on her regarding hidden rss.

Were would I be able to email you regarding those. I would like to see and learn.

Gepost door: Sphinx | 09-09-07

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