Tor is leaking heavily....

When you ask a specialist how to protect your privacy than he will say 'use TOR' and the discussion is closed.

Tor is a kind of infrastructure you use (like the internet) that tries to hide your tracks by mingling it with many others. But it is build on volunteers that put routers and servers up. But as TOR is also being used by people with criminal intentions, security agencies have put up their own TOR routers in the global infrastructure. Normally and theoretically they shouldn't be able to get back to you, but it seems to be possible under certain conditions. Otherwise it seems that traffic on TOR can be sniffed.

Some fuckedup kid published 100 passwords to emailadresses from people in embassies and other governmental organisations use TOR. Hold on a minute. Embassies are using a volunteer secretizing network ? Don't they have their own network ? So it seems also possible to sniff traffic that passes if you set up your own TOR server. And as TOR attracts illegal and 'secret' business you'll have more chance of getting something interesting.

If you have confidential information, invest in your secrecy and protection and don't use a volunteer network that says that it is trying to protect your privacy and is developing something. They still have a long way to go.If you are an admin, you just block TOR traffic or the use of it. If you are professional, use something professional.

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