The antipirates strategy totally online

All is allowed in love and war, even online. And the fight between the downloaders and the protectors of copyrighted content online is war. Many innocents have already fallen in court and others had their computers infected by downloading copyrighted stuff with peppers added.

Today the other side may claim victory, although it is not a legal one. Hackers hacked a server from the mediadefenders company, famous for their P2P presence infecting these networks with all kinds of bugs, trackers and stuff.

You can read for yourself what they were and are up to here

http://jrwr.hopto.org/threads.html  with an online search form

or download it for yourself as a torrent, but for the moment there is a big speed fight going on. Blogs and filehosters that are hosting these mails are being shot down faster than you can read them.

One reason is that the mails aren't edited, so there is every legal reason to obey a shutdown order. You wouldn't want to have your emails with your name published all over the web (reason more to destroy emails far more quickly and automaticcally and print those to keep).

Bloggers all over the world are now going through the thousands of emails and publishing snippets of interesting information. The ip adresses, the sites, the software, the tactics and so on. I think the company is worthless now.

As their tactics were so borderline, it will be hard for them to sue.

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