about teleworking

During the research about teleworking it became quite clear that

* Many of the documents are propaganda and have only one intention - that is to propagate teleworking

* Many of the documents online are also old, sometimes even very old

* Many of the documents have only a labor-relations or human resources aspect and it is hard to find advice for the ITsecurity man

Some things become clear

* The US government stated in march 2007 that it is forbidden for teleworkers to use their own pc's for telework. This seems the best practice because on companycomputers you can install whatever you want or need to optimize security and operations.

* The NIST finds that not only a software firewall but also a hardware firewall are necessary. This seems like a good idea because there is no way you can be sure that all those wireless routers people are using are secured

* You must do a pilotproject, subscribe the people, the documents and the workflows and have a helpdesk in place

And most of the time the telework will cost you more than its advantages, unless you don't invest in security and doesn't care a bit that your systems and files become compromised.

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