punx not dead and vinyl neither

As more and more old stars are trying to get a better pension by playing get together gigs for the 40 plus generation that wants to go to the concerts they weren't allowed to see when they were "too young" or for which they didn't have the money for, the sex pistols thought why not.

Why not ? punk is just another trend among so many others of which all revolt and resistance has been washed off. The only thing that rests is that even snobs nowadays have their hair straight up in the middle.

Well they are resorting the disc 'God save the queen' and the singles and even on vinyl. Good old vinyl. Nothing like vinyl. vinyl is for music lovers.

the thing is that they would like to buy the record so that just as so many years ago it would be pushed to the number one without any media promotion. It was the power of the street against the power of the media long before the internet powered the grassrootmedia with blogs and web2.0

Pitty that Sid is gone. I still love 'I'll do it my way'   Yeah I do around here, my way. Even when everybody things I am just a small everyday nobody. But I love to kick ass sometimes.

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