Chinese cyberattacks becoming more complex

Since many years there have been reports that cyberwar is next on our doorstep and some films (even recent ones like die hard 4) have glamorized this. The panick around the Chinese cyberattacks on our cyberinfrastructure is good for a big laugh. Why ?

For three reasons. First European Commission nor any European country is investing appropriately in cyberdefense and the protection of the networks and infrastructure. The fact that in Belgian there is still no CERT and the Belgian government in place have done nothing to implement what it has voted with the new Telecomlaw is just typical.

Secondly The reports that the Chinese are building (just as the Americans who are even actively seeking to recruit hackers) a Cyberarmy are already several months old. What do you think those thousands of cybersoldiers would do all day behind their screens ? Play videogames ? Watch movies ? Like any soldiers they would like some action..... See if their stuff actually works. Even without telling 'on paper' their superiors who afterwards can deny everything.

Thirdly The malicious traffic coming out of China is - aside from these cyberattacks - something every admin is used to. According to one study there are millions of botnet infected computers behind the great political internetfirewall of China. You can't get a political internetmessage out of China, but you may freely bombard the world with phishing, viruses and spam. China is saying it will change that and start filtering that malicious traffic, but we will have to see it before believing.

The most interesting part about the Chinese story is that according to a new newsreport coming out of the States is that they infiltrated the Pentagon Network by hopping in from the networks from their 'trusted' firms. Every  network has - had ? - priviliged network acces for the supportpeople from the firms that installed and furnished the goods and services. Should we trust any network blindly knowing that there are now thousands of cybersoldiers working all over the world ? Hackers are one thing, but cybersoldiers are different.

Question a belgian journalist should ask  Do we have a cyberarmy - a cyberstrategy ? On paper.... we a an virtual army on paper...

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