DHS (cyber)terrorism emaillist attacked

One of the essential securitylists on the internet (there are only about 10 of them) is the Open Source Information list about all kinds of security incidents made by the US Department of Home Security.

 As already happened once with the emaillist from our security institution BIPT, that list got hijacked the last days and tens, sometimes hundreds of messages started flowing around to all these ITsec people all around the world. Emailmessages began blacklisting the server and blocking all messages, people started responding to 'all' to know what has happening, only increasing the noise and the volume.

Seemed that they didn't configure well their mailinglistserver and that some people found a way to spam securitypeople with messages of all kinds. It seemed they had outsourced it. Easy, but that doesn't make you less responsable. Quite funny otherwise

btw one problem is that it was possible to make a list of many of people that are subscribed to that list because the emails were flowing all over. This could make them targets for specific attacks as their emails are normally not so very public. Another reason why internal securitypeople should have independent emailaddresses. The subscribers should be more cautious now what they open in their mailbox.

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