Stupid people write stupid emails

If there is one rule in life is that you don't write down what you don't want to be remembered and proven afterwards. It is surprising what people sometimes write down in email and than forget that email is not a conversation. It is digital paper and it is saved automatically on different locations.

Now in Flanders one political businessfriend was so smart to write down in email how he wanted the minister to circumvent the law to get some contracts and the minister was so smart to respond to that, elaborating.

Even very smart people can do some very stupid things in email.

some tricks to stop shooting yourself in the foot, the head and the heart

* if you want to respond because you are angry, respond to yourself

* if you do not have to respond, don't

* if you have to respond, respond legally in email. A word like 'received' is enough. This doesn't indicate anything else than just that. Better even is that you mail, "I do not agree with this".

* do not accept emailtranscripts of phone or other conversations as the final version

* think twice which emailservice to use

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