the job of ITsecurity is that of naysayer

When I am upset I say no and when not i say 'yes, but you have to....' and than people look at me with great eyes and say 'I can't do that' and than I say 'sorry'.  Most of the times, it takes some more time and things get done, but as they should be, not as they could be.

I don't know if you know the story about the naked king ?

There was once a king and he wanted always to have the best clothes. He wanted to look at his finest the whole day every day. Every day he paraded with his new clothes in the streets of the capital. One day two smart crooks came by and said they would make the most beautiful clothes. He believed them and made so-called invisible clothes for him. His friends, family and court didn't have the courage that the king was naked when he went outside in the capital to parade in his invisible clothes. It was a good laugh for the citizens of the capital and a very embarassing moment for the naked king.

The ITsecurity advisor should say to the king that if he places these services or servers on the network his whole system will go down and that he will be the laughing stock of the internet. Even if he gets fired for that.

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