some thoughts about the hacking of the Belgium online banks

There was a time that the belgian banks were very proud of their security online and said that what you were reading about online banking elsewhere couldn't happen here or nearly.

The reason was that to transfer money you had to be in the possession of three things. You needed a smartcard or IDcard and a card reader, a password and a pincode you typed on the card reader. So it would be much more difficult to intercept and transfer the money for online hackers.

But because they wanted to be more friendly for their clients and they said it would all be as safe (or tried to make us believe this) they reduced the security online to what you know (password).

It is also clear from the incident that as long as the Belgian online consumers law is protecting the Belgian surfers the consumers themselves won't pay for the stupidity of the banks in the field of security. But changing the law can change all that.

It is also clear that there is no control of the machines before coming in the online banking forms if your machine is infected or not or if it has the most essential security software like an antivirus software that is uptodate.

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