Hack of the week (RTBF)

from be-hacked.skynetblogs.be and zone-h.org

an archive of about 700 hacks of .be belgian websites can be found here


The RSS updates coming from furl.net seem to have a technical hiccup for now and if they can't fix it, than I will resolve the updates another way in the next days. 

Over the weekend the FREEBSD servers of the RTBF were defaced and so many of their websites had another page - this time from Iranian hackers being too radio-active. Luckily it weren't flemish extremists placing messages about the end of Belgium and so forth, that would have made headlines all over the place.

time for a security check-up before others try to do the same thing. One hacked, always attacked.  And just to have an idea, how long to get everything up and running and having closed the holes.


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