Even in the US is epolitics virtual politics

Even if there are thousands of blogs and online magazines and real journalists from real newspapers following every letter you write online, you can't ignore the fact that the outcome is down to organisation, organisation and organisation. Elections are like war. You have a good organised team and strategy and you stand a chance or you don't and you can maybe be lucky for a while, but not more than that.

As always they have quantified something new and now some US political consulting firms (the hired killers and scouts) has come up with an index of the online presence of the different candidates. If we believe that elections are won or lost online, than

* democrats will surely win even if half of the states has only exceptionally voted for a democrat as president

* Obama will surely win even if only Hillary can show polls in which she has a possibility to win against a republican candidate

but both have a problem with organisation, organisation, organisation that they will have to overcome.


The greatest danger for the candidates and their followers is that they make a fata morgana of their webpresence and they believe that they don't have to do as much in the real world in day-to-day operations.  


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