The Turks are coming (a new hacking storm)

Every time something moves in Turkye the rest of the online world are keeping their breath. The Turkish government isn't interested in stopping the hacking storm coming from their networks against websites all over the world. So these gangs are doing whatever they want, they even have official websites and forums, all under the flag of the great turkish (islamic or ataturk) nation. If maybe the flemish extremists would start hacking turkish websites to defend the flemish nation-state they dream off, it would become clear to the Turkish officials how ridiculuous this form of propaganda is.

Even if they see it as a form of cyberwarfare against kurdish and armenian websites they surely don't help their cause by attacking with their scripttools hundreds of other business- and mom-and-dad websites at the same time. I hardly can't believe they are that stupid that they can't configure their attack tools so they only attack websites with only a certain kind of content. Not that I approve of their techniques to try to silence websites that have another opinion, but if their attacks would be more directed, they would be easier to explain.

But as the situation is now, we'll have to monitor the situation in Turkye (our next European partners ?) to have an idea of the hacking storms coming our way. The news ain't good for the moment. Kurdisch and Turkish soldiers are having a shooting ball at the Iraqi frontier. So any turkish nationalist behind the computer can find the urge to tell the world that Turkye their great nation will conquer and destroy all of its enemies and so on and so on....

Website owners should  be careful with traffic coming from Turkye or proxies (if you don't need them, just block them) and have a clean backup of their website by the hand. They should also monitor their webservers for changes and should be sure that all patches, security workarounds and standard passwordpolicy are installed.

You can find more information here

list of hacked websites  http://www.zone-h.org  and http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be

list of vulnerabilities http://www.secunia.com

software to monitor changes on a webserver - tripwire

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