Smartdraw is the right tool


Techrepublic seems to find so and I do certainly think so. If before you didn't have enough money to give every developer, projectmanager and IT a tool to make his flows and schemes and whatever he should have made instantly when developing or describing things you will now. If you before were fighting with always changing, hardly working and poorly presented open source tools, you have a cheap alternative now. Or online versions that are so slow that you have already forgotten half of what you are supposed to put in the documents once you can continue.

In business environments you need cheap software that just does the job it is supposed to do and for which you have the support, upgrades and networkversions you need as a business.

No you have totally no reason to complain that you have forgotten to document the workflow, the network architecture, the security template or form.

a nice tip. You can add links (for example in boxes next to the object) and you can do that to put a link behind the text to another smartdraw image, to excell or word files or to jpegs (or scanned files)). Image that you can put all your contacts, contracts, workflows, time-sheets, architecture, technical documentation and reports on 1 server and you go through visual presentations to find the exact document you need about the exact application or server.

Oké somebody will say that this was the way that hackers broke into some networks but this computer doesn't have to be on a network or can be so seperated and defended (with a honeypot next to it) that it would be much harder to break into than the stories you read from the nineties.

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