Belgian turkish websites mobilising for the war in Turkye and on our streets

Strange that Europe would even consider making this a member of our community. Well, we had Greece, Italy, Spain en Portugal before that weren't exactly models of democracy and peace and needed some transition and you can argue that great britain wasn't really recognizing all the democratic basic rights of each community in Northern Ireland but those clashes and transitions are more or less over and absorbed.

It is a bit strange seeing in Brussels Turkish flags on windows and buildings as if there is a football match and shouting and rioting youngsters with flags from their country as if we are holding them back from supporting their country with all democratic means at their disposal. Even more that this is the capital of Europe, the community their country would like to belong to... on their conditions. A bit strange that all these Eurocrats that will have to prepare reports about the efforts that Turkye is making will now have to watch the news with Turkish youngsters aggressing Kurds and Armenians under their eyes and having riot police and police sirens going through their city the whole night.

FOr the readers from outside Brussels, no Brussels is not on fire. For the moment we are speaking about riots with around 300 to 400 youngsters moving around in about 4 streets of one very small part of the city, surrounded by police. There were some small fires and one Kurdish and one Armenian business was vandalized.

http://www.belturk.be/go.php?go=303148a&do=details&am... is the main Turkish Belgian portal and it is not doing exactly much to excuse or to calm down the spirits. Under the cover of news it is in fact glamourizing the illegal demonstrations that were turning into riots. I don't speak turkish, but it all looks this way. If it would be otherwise the pages would have been different and the choice of photographs also and there would have been an excuse in french or flemish to those that have been vandalized for a war in Turkye....

http://www.belturk.be/go.php?go=31c147a&do=details&am...  video

They say they are all turkish soldiers and that each should do their part.

For your part, you should make sure your website and network are protected and looked after because the Turkish hackers have free game in their country to attack whoever whenever with whatever digital attacktools. Even if you have nothing to do with turks, kurds or Armenians...

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