Google cripples searches with ad-blocking

If you see a Google result page in which you can't find the extra functions of Google search and most of other links to cache and so on are gone, than Google is punishing you for doing your search with proxies or ad-blockers.

They state that

Program policies

The Google AdSense terms and conditions state that search queries must originate from individual human end users inputting data directly into a WebSearch box, and that search results should not be activated from a software application (including toolbars). If you feel that the search results page you landed on was arrived at in violation of these policies, or if you got to this page after doing a search on Google's own site (www.google.com), please let us know. In addition, if you feel that the search results page you landed on was generated from a website associated with undesirable software (as described in our Software Principles), please let us know.

Google is a stockvalued company. Point final.

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