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We are going to focus on this developing situation in the next day and keeping a watchful eye on what is happening and if something is going to happen. And even if nothing is happening, let it be a good exercise to

- watch out if your website is hacked (or still being Google cached as such)

- control if your infrastructure is safe and monitored

- control if you have a backup of your website and the necessary plans in place

Meanwhile BIPT and DNS.Be should think seriously about getting those forgotten hacked belgian websites unreachable as long as they aren't fixed because they could become launching platforms for new attacks that could become nastier than those we have known so far.

If you don't let broken down cars drive on our highways, why let hacked websites still be out there without any lock-out. Or google can lock-out the websites that are daily hacked by badware.org. This would oblige Google to clean its cache and the administrators to clean up their act.

The political parties that will form the government should also foresee the concentration of all forces in Belgian to defend our critical infrastructure. It is maybe time to organise hearings about this subjecs and to take the necessary legal action and to implement the laws and plans already established. I do not care how it is organised (local, federal) as long as there is a fluent coordination in REALTIME.

Because otherwise 'we will all go down together'.

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