vao.be was hacked and reported in the news

No news yet that a Turkish hacking storm may be on the horizon, although the warning has been sent to the media.

Meanwhile this example should awaken some - but less than a pre-alert.

So, lets look at the hack
First it is being done by Briam - a very Turkish name. (sic)
Secondly the contact address is mail.ru in Ruland. So forget asking any information over there.
Thirdly there is no mention of other Turkish hackers or clans or websites.
Fourth the language is not the normal nationalistic Turkish slogans.
So maybe it is a lone Turkish cybersoldier and maybe it has been done from a Belgian IP address and we can see an arrest in the coming hours or days. And he will be another stupid belgian hacker who forgot that in Belgium the  cyberlaw is in its place and being used by the cybercops.

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