what will happen in the next few days hacking wise

It all depends

Or it is a lonesome ranger from the gang - or somebody using their name and I suppose the general wouldn't be too happy about that - and he is reprimanded or silenced and everything goes back to normal (being 5 to 20 .be sites hacked a day).

Or it is the first shot to inform us that we are going to have to respond to the attacks from them and numerous other turkish me-too groups.

Or the Turkish officials tell them to back off because it would do more harm than good attacking the belgian infrastructure that is also used by the European Community institutions they would like to belong to and show how democratic they are (which isn't the case if you bombard every online critic or whatever other site with nationalistic hysteria).

Btw  I understand that if you as a turkish or double nationality young man have to fight in the turkish mountains against the PKK you would rather hope the war would be over and done with once and for all, but war is finally only ended by peace and democracy, not by more war.

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