who are we up against - turkish hackers storm announced against Belgium

AY YILDIZ TEAM  http://www.ayyildiz.org/ayt/  and they have their own forum with their hacked sites index, their attack programs and their plans. They say they have international branches. For videos you have to go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYR-ZrSR_TQ

According to this dutch newspaper the organisation has a militaristic structure with generals and so on. It publishes a IT security/warfare book that it sells to the Turkish police forces and refuses all contacts with the press. So I suppose that the Turkish government knows who the leader is and they can tell him to back off and leave the countries alone with which he wants to partner. Can't dance if someone is stepping all the time on your shoes.

I don't speak turkish so I hope the cyberpolice sections have turkish speaking people to go through the numerous sites from Turkish hackers that are announcing and claiming cyber hack campaigns.

They were mainly responsable for attacks against dutch, bulgarian, greece and other organised attacks against public websites of governments or groups they didn't like because they were not enough pro-turkish.

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