Looking for a turkish language IT co-blogger

I do not speak turkish, but I have that list with Turkish hacker sites that seem interesting if you wanne have a better view on what the Turkish hacker clans are preparing. If it is being prepared it will be prepared there and the discussions among them about attacking this or that target can be interesting to know what the probability will be of such an attack.

Remember for the moment we - as networkadministrators - are all on our own. There is no Internet Storm Center in Belgium - even if the Belgian Telecom Law has foreseen one. This internet storm center would coordinate and interpret all the information they would get from different resources about announced attacks and those taken place and would give us a local belgian view of what to expect and what is happening.

I hope meanwhile that our national intelligence service has some Turkish language security researchers keeping an eye on the Turkish hackers clans. Or would they say like after 9/11 that they don't have enough foreign language speaking people to foresee and correctly interpret what is being said and done ?

So if there is a turkish IT knowledgable blogger that doesn't have himself anything to do with hacking, than you can contact me. The turkish hacker clans are roughly accountable for more than 75% off all defacements in Belgium.

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