Number of Belgian sites being hacked is going up fast

http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be  indicates that the number of Belgian sites .be that were being hacked the last couple days has been going up even if we don't see any political proclamation as was the case last week. Nonetheless we see that the number of compromised sites and servers is going up.

Now that we are also working with a Turkish directory of defaced sites aside from other sources, we see more clearly that Turkish hackers are like bees to a compromised flower (site). If a site is defaced it will be defaced over and over again by different groups that sometimes are trying different techniques. Some websites that were/are defaced we see being reworked - in the same place or on another directory of the site - 5 times or more.

it is for this reason incredible that hosters and ISP's are not keeping more under control and that it is as if they don't care. Not only takes it sometimes days for the hack to be noticed or to be taken offline - even after the publication at http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be  but some older websites that were hacked are still hacked online.

It is time maybe for Google or dns.be or the ISP's to take some action. This could be

* a mail warning that the website is compromised and published as such and that they have 48 hours to take the website or the pages offline

* if they don't answer than dns.be can receive a message to change the website by a "404  under construction" (now I hear dns.be telling me that this would be enormous work, euh we are talking about 5 to 20 sites a week in normal circumstances. I am not sure how many would stay hacked after 2 days if they would be effectively blocked otherwise).

a leaking oiltanker is also repaired or taken to habor or emptied into another tanker..... Here nobody cares about the infection spills from leaking boats and tankers on the WWW

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