war in the conservative blogworld - new cordon sanitaire ?

Who could have thought that conversative bloggers would fight each other as much as communists do with each other ?

Well, they do and one of the players in the game is our own belgian brussels journal, the european "conservative" (other names come to my mind when reading this) blog by excellence. One of the writers is mr Belien whose wife is elected for the Vlaams Belang that by some US conservatives  is being seen as a 'flemish interest party' (sic) but where another group of American conservatives grouped around this blog is calling them facists and racists and so on and refuse to have anything to do with them or with anyone - even conversatives - that have anything to do with them. Other American conservatives don't agree with this and want to have an united front to defend our morals and civilisation and so on, but these American conservatives don't want anything to do with that kind of people, because conservatism has nothing to do with racism and neo nazi's and so on. Needless to say that these democratic conservatives are hardly lamblasted for this, but they seem to have decided to stand firm. I normally have not much sympathy for them, but I always respect people who break away from silence, apathy and collaboration to defend democracy and freedom.

http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=27801_WN_We...  The last post untill now

the post that started it all http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=27784_The_M...

and if you read those posts you find that the brussels journal is not so much a conservative democratic blog but a linkbelt of all kinds of extreme rightwing and oddright marginal groups and people that use the so called intellectual impression of the blog to give themselves some credibility. This is one of those 'intellectual links' 

real conservatives are democrats and humanists, not scum

It is reconforting that not all US conservatives fall for the prins charming offensive that Vlaams Belang tries to set up in the US to upgrade their image here. Belien is the submarine for this task. It seems that this cover has been blown. Better late than never.

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