some hacks of the day


and meteo sites that stay being hacked over and over again, maybe they are on holiday to spain, these sites were already hacked once and have fallen victim again to their own ignorance.

and a website that does ecommerce with cars. But no problem it disappeared already and should really have high confidence in the belgian ecommerce, you can take my word for it..... They don't need any audits or reglementation, they do it all by themselves and for themselves. They are serious professionals. Really. You should trust all your credit and personal information to them. They will really take care of it. And they surely don't need any audits or reglementation because they really know what they are doing.

a good news is that the turkish hacker clans seem very busy hacking websites all over the world. One day it is australia, than France, than canada, than thailand, vietnam and their biggest favourite China. This is good news for us because it means they are not really concentrating their efforts on us and are just trying to collect the most hacked websites possible. Period. Yeah keep on hacking the world and leave us alone, even if this is very very very egoistic - and stupid because cyberdefense is built on cooperation.

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