What does the cyberwar declaration mean ?

It can be hype or grandstanding - and it wouldn't be the first time. But we have always seen that the declarations of Al quaida leadership have always been followed up by some of its active cells or linked groups or some lunatic. Not always at the exact time or location or with the announced bloodshed, but some way or another these declarations aren't to be taken lightly.

It is time - while we are in Turkish hacker attack and the storm worm virus is collecting zombies for its botnet (even within the skynet network probably) - for the ISP's to start stopping the zombies and botnets using their collective power to get out who-ever they want.

Those who own websites - especially governmental, financial and political ones - need to stay on alert and upgrade permanently their backup, monitoring and security defenses.

If you haven't heard of a Reverse Proxy start reading about it. One tip take a reverse proxy with a totally different OS than the one you use to host the site. Tip two set the website behind an application firewall. Tip three let only port 80 traffic go between the reverse proxy and the website.

you were warned .... if nothing happens, look at it as an exercise.

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