Do not pannick, but think, plan and act

So we don't say that this weekend the internet and the world will come down, we only say that there is an increase in attacks on this belgian internet and that the jihad cyberattack announced and overhyped is just another negative stream that will happen this weekend.

So just as in old days, before you go home and leave your network alone, you

* close down the gateways of your network and make sure that there no stupid or default password on external servers

* patch and upgrade and firewall and antivirus and backup and monitor your external servers

* make a list of all the people you should call if there is a virus infection, a ddos or a hack

and if you really are in for some fun, you make an exercise about it. What would you do if sunday you were attacked by a virtual ddos and how long does it take to set the things in motion ?

Better be prepared than be sorry or on http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be and on the news

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