update can you still trust antwerpen.be servers ?

The antwerpen.be infrastructure was already hacked before and is now been hacked again and according to this article some servers are still running IIS 4.0 and NT

I didn't want to expose this in the hope that they would upgrade or something but they can get hacked bigtime now they didn't upgrade. They even didn't outsource the hosting of the sites in the meantime.

They keep these websites online running IIS 4 and put networks, backoffice and related sites and their users into danger. (read the article below about new viruses distributed by hacked servers)

This is their network http://www.robtex.com/dns/antwerpen.be.html 

If you find yourself on this list, please be sure that you have no trusted relationship with those servers that were hacked, in fact think if you wanne have anything to do with any of those servers that have no security review whatsoever and are put up as IIS 4.0 as if it is the most normal thing to do. 

As long as we don't have some itsecurity laws and audits around here your only defense is to be as selective as necessary in chosing who you will trust and with who you will share common dns and mailservers and so on. Keep in mind that this weekend is hyped as being dangerous with all kinds of attacks brewing around here.

Trust is fine, control is better

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