A call to Belgian IT and Security people

Some IT bloggers and security people around in Belgium have begun working together on a very loose basis. We don't want speakpeople, we don't want a structure or big ideas that take too much time to set up. We just want that

* people who have blogs exchange their feeds. We already have an integrated RSSnewsfeed as test which can also be used as a netvibes, yahoo and google module. You are free to put it on your blog

* people who don't have a blog but have something to say have a blog where they can do this anomously but within the law. The blog where they can do this is http://belsec.skynetblogs.be

* people, institutions and firms who have usable and interesting information about the (in) security on the Belgian internet than can be useful but didn't knew where to publish yet can do so here.

* be a meeting and starting point for other projects

In the hope that everybody will respect each other, don't try to use it for advertising and keeps on posting interesting information we hope that this way people will be able to exchange fascinating ideas and interesting and useful information.

So if you are a belgian IT/ITSec blogger or would like to blog about it/itsec or you have information about the (in)security on the Belgian web, we would like to hear from you.

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