e-attack who are you gonna call ? e-cops.be

http://www.e-cops.be  Sometimes people laugh about them, say they are this or that.... but you have to give it to them. They are the only organisation in Belgium that seems to be worth at least something in the battle against ecrime.

Spamsquad.be ? the publicity seeking oneshot of a minister of Economy. How a simple citizen finds his information here, I don't know, but it is a jungle. And how to pose a complaint ? Even for spam they have made it not very easy. And complaining about spam should be simple and easy.

bipt.be with its antivirusservice ? You better not look because you would think there are no viruses on the Belgian internet. Well, it is not completely their fault as their instiution has been in the storm of a political discussion about its role in this federalized country.

cert at belnet.be  I am not sure what they do, but next to publishing some older documents about standards and some mostly low profile alerts for unix-linux systems while there are big alerts about for example quicktime the same week. They could come out more.

and so there is only one service still standing  http://www.ecops.be   I hope they will have the necessary funding, people and leverage to keep their work doing.

Politicians tell me that if the new government should be formed one day and if it is on the basis of the already agreed upon parts that all these different services and portals will be integrated into one big security portal - service. THat would be great, but the question is if that would take months if it wouldn't be possible - as for more and more political questions - the parliamentary majority could take the initiative and already forge ahead.

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