connecting the terrorism dots

As journalists are just trying to win the battle to keep up with the incoming stream of facts, happenings, events, comments and non-events to connect the dots, this makes for some very strange stories around here

Yesterday there were articles that some people were quite upset that two militar supersonic warplanes flew over Bruges and Ghent and were responsable for some small damage.

Today there is a story that about 6 to 13 alquaida members are running free around in Brussels because the intelligence and police forces have not enough information to keep them between bars. The other half of their cell that was about to launch a new terror front in Europe out from Brussels are behind Bars for the moment thanks to the information that US satellites and services collected during the last year.

What do the 2 stories have to do with each other. Well it seems that a civil airplane didn't respond to any contact by the air trafficer controllers and that the two planes were sent to escort the plane.

What is so important around the Bruges. It is Zeebrugge, the largest LPG station of Europe. A terrorist attack with a plane on that target would have been felt and seen by a very large region (and have some dramatic economic consequences).

What would the planes have done if they didn't had contact with the planes and saw that it is was only the result of chosing the wrong radio frequency ? Shoot the plane if it started to descend above the LPG habor ?

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