phishing for anything

We have always believed untill now that phishing was mostly for bankaccounts or financial virtual wallets but phishing is extending its reach to any account that can be useful in any number of ways. You will receive alerts and warnings for your mailaccount and you will receive them also with links to different premium services (like download services) but with a trick so that a code in the page with the link to the file in the background a copy makes of your login.


The trick is not to believe what you receive and alsways control the headers and the links on which you click or better don't click on links in emails and on sites that ask logins, type them by hand so you can not be fooled by whatever trick they use to make you think the link is legit.

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updated bloglines with legal blogs

around 70 new newsfeeds were added to my bloglines collection

most of the new ones were in the legal field



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Clearstream scandal is the result of good forensics

If you are in a legal sector (whatever wherever) it is about time that you start reading about forensics and send specialists for training to the US if you want to be sure that you will have all the possibilities to defend or prosecute your clients - targets.


The Clearstream affaire in France for which an ex prime minister is now charged and for which Chirac the ex president may be charged if rumor is to be believed is a perfect example of good forensics. While Sakorzy was still minister and not president (although he made it clear that he intended to run for President) documents surfaced claiming that he had secret accounts. The papers were said to be 'hacked' listing of clients with secret accounts. After a thorough forensic investigation it became clear that the papers were fabricated. The question remained by who and why and who used the documents and leaked them.


This investigation was running into a wall of silence or declarations without backup and cleaned up computers. Only the secretary of one of the actors in the scandal had erased some personal notes about the affair from her computer. Well, she was convinced she had erased the files, but they were able to find enough parts and bits to reconstruct the file and so they had find the document that could backup the declaration of the assistant who claimed that the ex prime minister was the main actor. (It looks like Watergate all over again).


The lesson of this is, if you want to write things down for your own memory don't put it into the memory of a computer. It is easier to burn a paper than to erase a computer.

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Are your DNS server already patched ? Pharming danger.

It seems that very important DNS servers in Belgium are not being patched and that some of these very important structural DNS server are running on versions that can be remotely hijacked and even can't guarantee any protection against the new techniques of pharming and cache poisioning.


It is well enough to be independent and to have no overview than yourself and a silent committee without any representatives of the consumers or domain owners, but the least you could do if you are making millions and you are a war chest big enough to do somethings professionally is to be sure that your corebusiness is in order.


For the other firms it is important to update your dns server is you are working with money online because what is the sense of investing millions in antiphishing and antifraud if you let important DNS servers open so that your users will be redirected en masse before you can do anything. Pharming is industrial phishing , no more or less.

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Do you know they were hacked

Hundreds of sites are sometimes hosted on the same server. With new exploit and others tools it is not so hard anymore to deface-hack them all once you get past one. The question in Belgium is if these owners and admins are alsways informed that theit site has been hacked  even if it was corrected minutes afterwards. Maybe they should be obliged to be inform their customers.




and the list goes on and on and on

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List of more or less active hacking-security forums inscription needed

http://www.chekmate.org  enorm

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You have ads on your blog and infect your readers with spyware

If they are that stupid to click on anything else than the few we know that are really good free antispywaretools, but most of the time people do, so the most stupid of your readers (computerstupid that is) could be clicking on that kind of ads and be installing rogue antispyware that is deceptive or in the worst case taking the computer hostage.




So blogads.com represents advertising for spyhunter that is being sold-distributed by a firm that does everything to hide itself of public view and has released similar software in the past. Adsense is starting to try to make its ads less prone to such situations so others in the business should follow suit.



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