I am on a blacklist but I don't care a bit and my ISP neither

While busy with looking through the listings with Belgian servers in blacklists I  found the really strange fact that there are a lot of them blacklisted since a long time and that didn't do anything to have them retired from it.


Do they have any knowledge about what the consequences are for an emaildomein to be blacklisted. It means that your mails will be refused by mailservers all over the world without any notification. For the ISP it means that the IP address is compromised and may not be used by another firm before all complaints and cases about the previous owner are cleaned up.


How would you feel if you would get this IP address from your ISP
and you would find that it is blacklisted since 2005 without any follow up


and this is just one example


You would presume that big ISP's controlled frequently those blacklists to be sure that no server or 'infected' stations were mentioned in those and to clean up or follow up on them. You would also presume that a good admin would look from time to time into blacklists to see if his servers are mentioned.


Just to presever the integrity and value of his domain


Even more because most of these incidents seem to be maldirected open relay tests or single incidents in which it is easy to solve the problem. You may say rightly so that the example is in an unconfirmed list but nonetheless it will be red in many indicators and that may get starting over alarms that aren't necessary.

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More servers on be-hacked.skynetblogs.be

We will add new servers on http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be 


The trojan sending spam furnishing hacked servers on the Belgian internet. Is there someone to clean up ? well we will see. Hope that you are not in this list.


We will use FURL to add new servers without investing too much time ourselves in something nobody else seems to care about.


As we say. No omerta.

We only use publicly available information on the internet to identify these servers and do no testing ourselves on these servers. You are already blacklisted if you appear on this list.


No omerta. Clean up the web.

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new list of Belgian hacked sites

Seems some servers were hacked yesterday with a lot of Belgian domains on it. Well if you don't read any security news and you pretend to be a serious administrator than you don't know that probably Apache has a big problem now if it is not very well configured and so one security hole in one site becomes a problem for all the installed sites on the server. Also it is clear that some Belgian sites or servers don't care at all that there sites are hacked and still have their hacked pages up and running, some even on the fhomepage. But as long as it is not a site from the Belgian military or the police, who cares. Let all these hacked servers and sites stay in the hand of the hackers. Let them place viruses, files and other stuff on them, why not ? Who cares ? Nobody is responsable here for anything on the cyberfront, so why should you care ?


And the Belgian cyberpolice is very busy in virtual worlds and giving conferences blablabla but cleaning up ? So nobody is learning from the MPACK affair in which normal sites where hacked not for pseudo searchengines, not for phishing sites, not to place viruses or illegal files or just to deface a bit, but to add zombies to their botnet. But why would you care if even the cyberpolice doesn't care ?


One exceptional thing is that the first userpage (from Telenet-) has been hacked something that is now becoming a plague in the free.fr community in France.


 the list you can find as usual on http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be   with the stream from Furl


Due to security limitations not all pages cached will show all graphics and effects of the hack because I have seen that all the normal antimalware software left through a lot of 'heuristic' stuff that was only discovered days later.


An important lesson for real webmasters.Get your own host and get out of shared hosting. If you want to be in the same garage as the most stupid kid on the block it is your choice but do not wine afterwards that your online image or business has gone broke because your shared server was owned. You really have to be a very stupid businessmen to still have sites on shared hosting if you know that it only costs a fraction more.And keep your things secure. Not only for your own business but for all of us. Nobody else will do it for you or will clean up the mess for you afterwards.


On the belgian web you are on your own. Really. Nobody will halt the attacks and viruses for you before they arrive at your network or server. Even if this is a legal obligation in the New Belgian Telecom Law. Maybe Test Achats should go to court (after Sabam) and ask that the ISP's execute the law and do the right thing.


The RSS feed of the only update on defaced sites for the moment (as zone-h.org goes more offline than online and destroys its archive every so many days)


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things I would like to see added in Bloglines

First Bloglines is available in many different languages but it seems cumbersome to add feeds from different languages in one english environment because for example the accents go wrong.


It would be nice to have an integrated online translator added so you add for example german and spanish blogs without knowing the language but by which the translator service could give you more or less an idea what the heck it is about. I know that online automated translation tool are far from perfect and can be in for a good joke but it would be better than nothing.


Secondly I would really like to have subfolders. That way people like me with many feeds would be able to better organise their folders for example with subfolders for each language.


Thirdly printing or saving from the iframe with the content from the feed is sometimes a hassle and a pop up button should be available so you could see, print or save the feed in a seperate window.


Fourthly it would be interesting to be able to watch what new feeds other people are adding. Some bloglinescollections I found were interesting and I have copied a sample of their feeds. Other people copy feeds from my collection, but it would be interesting that each collection would have feed and that that feed can be organised.


Five I wouldn't be able to live without it because of all the tests I have done no other alternative works so fast if you have a big collection. For me it has also become the search engine for my popular resources on the internet.

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1000+ RSS feeds in Bloglines checked on bloglines

The following categories of feeds are accessable for your pleasure and information (and mine but why should I keep it all for myself ?).

The surprising thing is that you can find feeds in my main three languages in some categories  (flemish, french and english). I have seen that a lot of security blogs are written in spanish or portugese (mostly hacking blogs) but for the moment I didn't start learning that language, as is my intention (as I promised my wife). When I do I will add some spanish blogs also.


  • Expand ekzekz  (what is being added and written)
  • Expand security headlinessecurity headlines (from publications)
  • Expand security blogssecurity blogs (from researchers and underground)
  • Expand techblogstechblogs  (from writers and geeks)
  • Expand security readingsecurity reading (from publications)
  • Expand security communitysecurity community  (discussion lists)
  • Expand security podcastssecurity podcasts ( to be seen)
  • Expand spywarespyware (the newest and research)
  • Expand virusvirus  (the newest and research)
  • Expand spamspam (research)
  • Expand vulnerabilitiesvulnerabilities (the newest and research)
  • Expand EgovEgov (about egov)
  • Expand IT newsIT news (headlines in English)
  • Expand IT nieuws nederlandsIT nieuws nederlands ( nederlandse publicaties)
  • Expand IT nouvelles frIT nouvelles fr (en français)
  • Expand IT lawsIT laws
  • Expand privacy and ID theftprivacy and ID theft (and spying)
  • Expand forensicsforensics
  • Expand copyrightcopyright (and P2P)
  • Expand softwaresoftware (freeware)
  • Expand microsoftmicrosoft (about)
  • Expand security softsecurity soft
  • Expand networknetwork
  • Expand wirelesswireless
  • Expand web2.Oweb2.0
  • Expand mapsmaps
  • Expand bloggingblogging
  • Expand searchtoolssearchtools
  • Expand webmasterswebmasters (SEO and so on)
  • Expand ReportsReports (publications)
  • Expand scribdscribd (my favourite scribders)
  • Expand headlines and commentheadlines and comment (news from around the world)
  • Expand sitessites (if you don't know where to surf)
  • Expand multimediamultimedia (VIDEO's)
  • Expand FunFun
  • Expand gadgetsgadgets
  • Expand comicscomics (english mostly)


    Most of tthe feeds have been checked. A lot have been stopped and a lot more have been added (mostly to security). Many more things will follow in the month to come.

    It is not because I am not blogging, that I am not working..... Only is blogging now not my top priority. This is putting the network of resources in order so that in september there will be a huge database of publications (scribd), a huge database of freeware updates (download),  a huge database of interesting feeds (bloglines) and a huge database of articles and stories (FURL) together with a important set of tools that can be integrated in a radarlike platform like netvibes.


    http://www.bloglines.com/public/ekz   Changes fast a lot not much

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    1000 RSS feeds and 1000 Ebooks

    Yes you have read it right


    More than 1000 RSS feeds can be found here, organised in groups

    http://www.bloglines.com/public/ekz  and yes they change often (blogs that don't post much are retired and changed)

    These are RSS feeds about different aspects of ITsecurity, IT networking, freeware, ebooks, online videos, comix, news headlines.... enjoy


    More than 1000 books, etexts and articles can be found for download here

    Literature, books, speeches, articles, whatever but not the things you can buy in the shops that you will have to look for elsewhere



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    Een oplossing voor Brussel Halle Vilvoorde hiermee

    De franstaligen willen wel maar eisen dat de franstaligen in de rand moeten kunnen gaan stemmen in Brussel. De vlamingen vinden dan weer dat dit zou kunnen leiden tot een talentelling.


    Je kan hier maar uitgeraken op 2 manieren.

    Ofwel schaf je de opkomstplicht af (je bent niet verplicht te stemmen je kan ook blanco stemmen) zoals de Liberalen wensen maar dan zijn er een hele deel neveneffecten waarmee moet worden rekening gehouden en waar we niet klaar voor zijn.

    Ofwel maak je de opkomstplicht onafhankelijk van de ingeschreven gemeente. Momenteel moet je gaan stemmen in de gemeente waar je bent ingeschreven. In een niet digitaal tijdperk was dit de beste wijze om dit administratief te organiseren. Je trok uit de bevolkingsregisters de Belgen ouder dan 18 jaar en de vreemdelingen voor het gemeentelijk stemrecht die zich hadden ingeschreven en klaar was kees. Maar vandaag zijn er toch al voldoende electronische mogelijkheden om dit om dit op korte termijn los te koppelen.


    In dit principe is ofwel een centrale eenheid zoals het ministerie van binnenlandse zaken verantwoordelijk voor het opstellen van de kieslijsten, zijnde de bevolkingsregisters van de gemeenten min of plus de kiezers die in een andere gemeenten hun stemplicht willen vervullen.

    Ofwel in de gemeente, maar dit zou te weinig anoniem kunnen zijn om geen inbreuken te veroorzaken op het geheim van de stemming (indien een franstalige zich op de gemeente wilt uitschrijven van de stemming en zich wilt inschrijven in een andere gemeente, dan is het duidelijk dat ze geen stem zal uitbrengen op een vlaamse lijst).  Eventueel kan zelfs worden gebruik gemaakt van de digitale identiteitskaart.


    Zo wordt dan ook het probleem opgelost van de studenten, woonwagenbewoners, zieken, vakantiegangers, seizoensarbeiders enzovoort.

    Het belangrijkste is echter wel dat er duidelijk staat dat het een individueel recht is en niet op een georganiseerde manier mag worden opgezet.


    En dan kan men weer beginnen te spreken. Hebben de Vlamngen de stemplicht soepeler gemaakt en aangepast aan deze moderne mobiele tijden en de Franstaligen de mogelijkheid geschapen om te gaan stemmen waar men werkt of waar hun hart is. Nu nog ook een deel van je belastingen laten storten in de regio waar men werkt (en niet degene waar men woont) en de cirkel is helemaal rond.


    En kan men dan over tot het aanpakken van onze economische en andere problemen die om beleid vragen ?


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