proxies exploding over the web

maybe it is the sign of the times but proxies are exploding over the web. The reason seems to be that at one hand there are free php scripts available and free hosts that will you set up such a service on any php or cgi site in no time. At the other hand there is a real demand for such sites - although you can't see it in the hundreds of listings and rankings that are published.

Next week you can expect to find a lot of new tools for netvibes, rss proxy lists and other resources coming up to help you through the rumble.

One should at the other side be careful not to blindly trust anything that is called a proxy. It can be a honeypot from an intelligence or police service or it can even be badly programmed so that the information still comes through while you are thinking that you can do whatever you like because you think you are behind a filter (but you don't expect it not to work).

At the other side it makes the work much harder for networkdefenders because these proxies are developing in such a way that they try to circumvent any block that you are setting. The daily growing list makes it harder for administrators to keep such tools out of their webtraffic. This is necessary because people (sadly) think they can do anything they dreamed off when they think they are anonymous. Even if it becomes a nightmare that will haunt them afterwards for some time.

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Warpedia not wikipedia

As wikipedia has much more traffic than any encyclopedia or informational site, it is a real war that is being waged for the control of the pages in which every tool and trick will be used to place spam, host stolen content without copyrights and change the content of the articles.

Wikiscanner is just a small part of this war


and if that was not enough, compromised systems are being used to spam and attack wikipedia

stupedia is not an encyclopedia

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How to bypass wikiscanner

So you want to change things on wikiscanner without being discovered as the firm or institute that is responsable for the changes ?

* do it from home and look for an ISP that gives you each time you log on another IP address

* use a proxy to connect to wikipedia, change often your proxy

* hire an outside firm with the obligation to change very often from username and IP address

Whatever you do, do it wisely

* do not vandalize a page from the beginning, begin with building up a reputation by correcting facts and grammar and adding interesting links

The best thing is to keep it building up so it becomes too big after a while to be closely guarded by the freelancer

* change negative words by less negative words in a second stage

* change language, maybe you can't get control over the english pages, but can you write whatever you want on the same pages in another language

* if you have control over a page or subject than you have to build up traffic by submmitting the link all over the web so that you get the position in the search engines and the neutral pages don't.

I told you that this is stupedia, you are stupid to believe this is a system with controlled content, this system is just out of control.

I am not connected to any publisher, I just hate the blatant anti-encyclopedia position of the founder of wikipedia. Facts, nothing but the facts.

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I am just a lazy script kiddie playing around with programs against my own network to see what would work if I was to be at the other side of the world and closing down things all the time - because exploits go much faster nowadays than solutions. (heard about the latest flash exploit lately)

But when I am bored I would start looking out for something else to have fun with - (stop I am really joking here - I am never going to hack or exploit any other network because I know the Belgian law much too well for this and I would repeat this all the time to whoever wants to hear it - even if it seems to have another effect sometimes).

But as I am lazy I go to the wikiscanner   http://wikiscanner.virgil.gr and I can fill out a name of a city, a country,, a firm, part of a name, an ISP, a hoster, an administration or just an IP address and even if it doesn't find any wikipedia changes it will still give you the list of all the known parts of the network it has found in the giant database of IP2LOC.

So lazy admins you are totally naked now. No part of your network is hidden, no unpatched or unmonitored system can not be found and checked, no Ip address is anonymous anymore. In about half an hour I know your network and where is your mailserver, your server, your DNS and all your routing. Than comes the exploits (do you know there are huge lists of zero days that aren't even known yet ?).  So you are lost....

except if wikiscanner changes it policy and only gives networkranges where there are changes in wikipedia and leaves out all the rest so the more important ranges of your network that were supposed to be more hidden aren't listed anymore.

words to try  bank, national, ministerie, politie, stock market, insurance, ebay,  microsoft, fortis, antwerp, brussels, ....................

No I won't publish them here

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Does your company need a wikipedia policy now ?

Untill now Wikipedia has not been in blacklists - even after the placement of some viruses it kept its white knight image. But with Wikiscanner that can all change now. Now anybody may look up whatever change was done from your network on wikipedia and you may become the laughing stock or the 'big manipulator' on the web.

Any user on your network will be identified with your natted IP address. This is the single point of identification. It will not say that the firm itself has done it but some employee. And when you go through the changes people are making, you sometimes ask yourself if their boss knows about this .....

What you should ban is that nobody in the firm should bring any changes or comment on anything on the web regarding your firm, its business or its news stories without having the agreement of the communications department. This is the only department where one can decide about the opportunity of changing or adding things to forums and wiki's just like wikipedia.

It shows also that communications departments of firms should employ webwatch software and have some people (freelance or not) to keep an eye on things. The development of a 'rapid response strategy' could be handy in case you need it - and you won't have the time to decide about such things.

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wikiscanner shows wikistupedia to the world

Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia, it is just a collection of facts, rubbish, mistakes, ideologies and stupidity. You can find some information in it, but you should always double check. Using wikipedia at school or letting it be used as a solely source for research is totally irresponsable.

The proof has been given with the new tool wikiscanner that gives the world the possibility to see what has been changed by whom. And oh surprise it shows that agencies and firms are changing their own pages and distorting truth, covering up things or just trying to get things out.

It shows that the battle for truth and facts can't be won on this basis because the paid 'changers' by the firms will always win in time and resources against the freelancers that just try to get the facts right. It will also show that the ideological and fanatical will always win against the moderate in this kind of online battles because the first will do whatever it takes to have things going their way.

Wikipedia says it is no problem because there are guardians looking over things and trying to mediate or stop spammers and abuse and that the majority will always win over the minority, but is it really so ? You can see for yourself now.


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Does dns problem slow down US traffic to Belgian sites ?

This is what may be one of the questions to further research on

evidence on the project blog


based upon http://mon.itor.us

and some other goodies

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