The antipirates strategy totally online

All is allowed in love and war, even online. And the fight between the downloaders and the protectors of copyrighted content online is war. Many innocents have already fallen in court and others had their computers infected by downloading copyrighted stuff with peppers added.

Today the other side may claim victory, although it is not a legal one. Hackers hacked a server from the mediadefenders company, famous for their P2P presence infecting these networks with all kinds of bugs, trackers and stuff.

You can read for yourself what they were and are up to here

http://jrwr.hopto.org/threads.html  with an online search form

or download it for yourself as a torrent, but for the moment there is a big speed fight going on. Blogs and filehosters that are hosting these mails are being shot down faster than you can read them.

One reason is that the mails aren't edited, so there is every legal reason to obey a shutdown order. You wouldn't want to have your emails with your name published all over the web (reason more to destroy emails far more quickly and automaticcally and print those to keep).

Bloggers all over the world are now going through the thousands of emails and publishing snippets of interesting information. The ip adresses, the sites, the software, the tactics and so on. I think the company is worthless now.

As their tactics were so borderline, it will be hard for them to sue.

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Veoh de silently bruteforcing P2P youtube

Veoh.com is on first view an interesting concept. You see the first minutes of the movie and than you download it - which is the same from streaming. But when you download, you are becoming member of a sort of PZP network in which you upload as much as you download, or even more.

In other P2P programs you can lower the bandwith for uploads and upgrade that for downloads, but this is not possible here.

So the traffic feagures may come as an unpleasant surprise.

Most of pics are otherwise coming in at an astonishing speed, but it is only interesting if you don't have to pay for your bandwith. Do not try this at your work because they will notice it because their traffic figures will go up immediately.

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Chinese kick off of the cyber coldwar - buildup is starting

Since many years there have been reports that cyberwar is next on our doorstep and some films (even recent ones like die hard 4) have glamorized this. The panick around the Chinese cyberattacks on our cyberinfrastructure is good for a big laugh. Why. For three reasons.

Nor Europe nor any European country is investing appropriately in cyberdefense and the protection of the networks and infrastructure. The fact that in Belgian there is still no CERT and the Belgian government in place have done nothing to implement what it has voted with the new Telecomlaw is just typical.

The reports that the Chinese are building (just as the Americans who are even actively seeking to recruit hackers) a Cyberarmy are already several months old. What do you think those thousands of cybersoldiers would do all day behind their screens ? Play videogames ? Watch movies ? Like any soldiers they would like some action..... See if their stuff actually works. Even without telling 'on paper' their superiors who afterwards can deny everything.

The malicious traffic coming out of China is - aside from these cyberattacks - something every admin is used to. According to one study there are millions of botnet infected computers behind the great political internetfirewall of China. You can't get a political internetmessage out of China, but you may freely bombard the world with phishing, viruses and spam. China is saying it will change that and start filtering that malicious traffic, but we will have to see it before believing.

The most interesting part about the Chinese story is that according to new newsreport coming out of the States is that they infiltrated by Pentagon Network by the hopping in from the networks from their 'trusted' firms. Every  network has - had ? - priviliged network acces for the support people from the firms that installed and furnished the goods and services.

Should we trust any network blindly knowing that there are now thousands of cybersoldiers working all over the world. Hackers are one thing, but cybersoldiers are another. Question an european journalist should ask  Do we have a cyberarmy - a cyberwarstrategy ? Diehard 4

The americans and the chinese are building up their cyberarmies and defenses. It will take some years to have it all in place.

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Tor is leaking heavily....

When you ask a specialist how to protect your privacy than he will say 'use TOR' and the discussion is closed.

Tor is a kind of infrastructure you use (like the internet) that tries to hide your tracks by mingling it with many others. But it is build on volunteers that put routers and servers up. But as TOR is also being used by people with criminal intentions, security agencies have put up their own TOR routers in the global infrastructure. Normally and theoretically they shouldn't be able to get back to you, but it seems to be possible under certain conditions. Otherwise it seems that traffic on TOR can be sniffed.

Some fuckedup kid published 100 passwords to emailadresses from people in embassies and other governmental organisations use TOR. Hold on a minute. Embassies are using a volunteer secretizing network ? Don't they have their own network ? So it seems also possible to sniff traffic that passes if you set up your own TOR server. And as TOR attracts illegal and 'secret' business you'll have more chance of getting something interesting.

If you have confidential information, invest in your secrecy and protection and don't use a volunteer network that says that it is trying to protect your privacy and is developing something. They still have a long way to go.If you are an admin, you just block TOR traffic or the use of it. If you are professional, use something professional.

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something about being hacked and in the public directory

something funny in the visit logs

people all over the world looking for a specific site and coming out at the directory of hacked sites

yeah once hacked, once in the public library, always remembered

think about that the next time you set up a site without patches or security testing or with a hoster that doesn't guarantee any security

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joining EKZ team has some advantages

 well you get access or can ask information from hidden resources like

1200 RSS feeds about itsecurity in 3 languages and in its broadest sense and other stuff monthly cleaned and updated 

5000 links of which more than 1000 hidden resources

a secret wikipedia that tries to centralise all that ITsec information into something you can use on your network

and who knows

who can ask access

well you have to work in the IT buzz, be buzzy with IT or publish or do something interesting with it

well, there is some work to be done to get a bit of action around here, so you will have to post when one of these blogs around here (or propose another one) when they become teamblogs, take a subproject into hands or help cleaning up some online libraries and stuff like that

simple leeching won't do

no illegal activities although and always with responsable disclosure - we are no hacking group. We are an IT security activist group. For more security for everyone online. We should break the omerta.

how do you get into contact

just mail me and I'll contact you


ps don't be surprised that much more stuff is going to be private for active members only in the near future.

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who wants to join EKZ here

Finally, skynetblogs have announced that they are working to make it possible so that more people can write for one blog. That would be fantastic news. So are there any people out there who like to co-write about freeware, online video, interesting online free books and itsecurity and hacking stuff. You will get as much money as I (nothing but respect) and you may write what you want as many or few times as you want about the Belgian unsecure internetspace. I can even give you the tools and hints to get a story going for which I have no time.

And you will be really anonymous. Because EKZ is not just me.

What does EKZ stand for. Integrity and a safe internet for all.

Oh yes, you will get access to some hidden info and links that I normally don't share.

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