If you wanna hack, play these games


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I didn't hack the BCC site

To be sure that everybody understands it all right. I didn't hack the BCC site, I don't know who hacked the BCC site and I didn't scan the BCC site for vulnerabilities nor published any of them. If somebody would start publishing scanning results from vulnerabilityresearch on the Belgian web than we may have much more to fear.


I don't accept that it happens. I just don't accept at the other side that it is so easy to hack important sites and infrastructure in Belgium because nobody cares about security the way they should do and this is because the lawmakers don't give a damn. Maybe Leterme and the new government but who knows ?


You should be stupid to hack or scan a Belgian site because the laws are very stiff on this as the hacking of the polfed site showed. But as long as the ISP's don't protect their clients against hacking attacks and hosting firms that aren't professional enough to withstand those attacks are allowed to operate.


This is IT security activism and you don't need to hack for this. You just take the examples from zone-h.org and your case is proven. Period. I rest my case.

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blocklist .info sites made for Adsense

Some sites have only snippets of texts that come from different sites and are put together just to attract a number of visitors - searchers whatever the text they were typing. The only thing that interests them are the views of Google's Adsense


Even the security warnings from Google are used in between their text.



the site itself is full of crap and every site has a number of pages, that have sometimes nothing to do with the subject itself


http://www.theamerican-greeting.info/   www.mexicopuertovallarta.info/ www.pop-cornbowls.info/   www.maxcase.info   www.lanerecliner.info/  www.1moneylaundering.info/   www.delloftoday.info/  www.onlineenglishcourse.info/ www.compassed.info www.lanerecliner.info www.easywirelesstechnology.info/
www.onlywebsitesoftware.info/  www.2medicalfield.info/
www.morecontacts.info/  www.online-certifications.info/
www.theroyal-cruises.info/  www.proboardgreat.info/
www.quesadilla-maker.info/  www.gascookers.info/
www.2privatesecurity.info/ www.greatoutdoorfun.info/
www.2printerwireless.info/ www.probatean.info/
www.improvementprocess.info/ www.muchlearning.info/
www.excellentvideos.info/  www.workoutequipment.info/
www.seerugs.info/ www.homefurnishingsgroup.info/
www.onlyglasses.info/  www.justopals.info/
www.superiorespressomachine.info/ www.bestfitnessapparel.info/
www.businessoftwarehq.info/ www.lasertonerhq.info/
www.qualitysoftwarehq.info/ www.1jewishwedding.info/
www.quotesdb.info/ www.diningfurnitureplus.info/
www.1replacementdoor.info/ www.1jewishwedding.info/
www.sportsticketsnow.info/ www.retirementime.info/
www.password-softwares.info/ www.1insurancemutual.info/
fast-registry-repair.info/  www.outlookweb-access.info/
www.babygearworld.info/  www.adobereaderdown-load.info
www.network-scanners.info/ www.job-infos.info/
www.bunkforbed.info/  www.motloid.info/  www.mybacksplash.info/
www.findinjets.info  www.sportsticketshq.info  www.muchjewelry.info
www.slipperyegress.info  www.chokersource.info  www.greathomelender.info

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Should all terrorist websites be closed down

Yes and No


As with other forms of illegal transactions, the organisation of these transactions happens on three levels.Each level should be treated differently.


The first level is the pseudo official newssite or opinionsite that defends and proopagates but sometimes says that it is not linked to the groups in question. But as they are a propaganda channel countries or ISP's or hosting firms should decide if it is appropriate to approve them. It depends on how you interpret freedom of speech. If you think that freedom of speech gives you the right to post videos of people being beheaded or blown to pieces, than host them. But you should keep in mind that hosting them can get you or your other partners and firms in trouble with different laws (UK, USA, Germany,....). They are too easy to find and too acceptable to be left easy to find. You will not stop this kind of sites or communication, but you will make it much harder by closing the first level down.


The second level is not so easy to find and needs some authenfitication and acceptance by the other members. It is more used by people that have passed the first level and are ready to do some things. You may find guides and very explicit videos and language here. In security discussions on the web the general trend is to leave them for a while and to collect all the information from the members and to close the shop down once everybody that seems apt to do something is identified and localised.


From the second level you can sometimes go down to what is sometimes called the deep underground. These sites and chatboxes you will not find on your own. You have to be invited and it will take some time before you are trusted and accepted. Penetration into this level takes time and effort and should only be disclosed (by shutting down the shop) to prevent danger or because the undercover operation has gone public.


So in my opinion close down the first level as fast as you can, concentrate on the second level before you bust the lot of them and monitor very closely the third level until you can prevent some danger and have to intervene.


ps I have no sympathy for all those rightwing, sometimes racist anti jihad websites that are as extreme on the other side and I really do not need them to explain to me the danger of blind terrorism, whatever the cause.

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terrorist websites love web2.0

This is what you would think if a linkcrawler came out with the following results of a few of these jihad sites


1 - megaupload.com - 1372
2 - depositfiles.com - 830
3 - fileblob.com - 754
4 - sendspace.com - 702
5 - archive.org - 679
6 - fileflyer.com - 413
7 - getupload.com - 336
8 - megafileupload.com - 308
9 - maxishare.net - 300
10 - misterupload.com - 207
13 - upload.ps - 154
14 - files.filefront.com - 134
15 - files.to - 130
16 - fyad.org - 130
17 - miniuploads.com - 118
18 - mytempdir.com - 114
19 - mercuryupload.com - 84
20 - download.file2you.net - 82
21 - furk.net - 80
23 - megashare.com - 72
24 - filehostia.com - 72

nobody cleaning up there ?

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 BCC the mastercard VISA site still hacked today

We are now 21.34 and it has been published here about 14.39 that there site has been defaced. Nothing has changed. They don't know what happens on their site ? Safety, make me laugh, ignorance yes.






propaganda ? Dubieuse publiciteit ? consumentenbedrog ?

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is Belgacom genius a virus

Belgacom internetarm skynet has developed a tool for its users that will try to find and eventually correct connection problems. I have seen it work with totally corrupted networkinstallations and so it is a good program to have around if you are a skynet user. Only it is so good - or needs so much information and rights that it is a virus according to some antivirus programs. This is part of a more general problem with technical and administrative tools and at the end makes it an annoyance to have an antivirus on a machine you use for technical interventions.



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