tomorrow a new blog about netvibes

From tomorrow on a new blog will be live about netvibes. It will publish modules and searchforms that I use myself or that seem very interesting.

fact is that I am concentrating more and more stuff on only a few media

so i won't be experimenting here anymore with looks and gadgets

if it won't work on netvibes, it doesn't interest me

try www.netvibes.com

it is a kind of startpage

in my experience it is faster than live.com and better than pageflakes

and in Google I only got to add only an few modules to their igoogle

and Yahoo is nice, but it is not the same thing and not that easy

for the security people, a whole lot of security modules for netvibes will be published from the 23 th of May but you could also have a look at the other stuff that is quite handy for a webworker


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boycot Eurovision in Belgrade next year

First of all this Eurovision is one big joke because you can easily preview the votes and so it ain't any fun anymore. Maybe someone in Eastern Europe still looks and gets exited about it, but I couldn't care less during the last years.


Going next year to Belgrade for Belgium is the same as playing football in Argentina when the generals were in power or going to Russia when it was invading Afghanistan. So don't go.


Unless they prosecute all their war criminals that had such fun killing people like dogs (on our tv night after night) and pay damages and accept that they have to change if they want to be accepted in a democratic community of countries.


And so maybe we will have lots of taxpayers money that our tv stations can invest in interesting things and real culture.

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Visa Card unsecurity propaganda

A panic went through the Belgian users of VISA as headlines appeared that Visa sent several thousands of letters telling those users that they had to call to cancel their actual cards and get new ones.


First it is quite stupid to show intelligent phishers how to do it in the future and to make users acustomed to such invitations. As their are banks where they should have got those cards, it would be better to send them to their banks instead of just phoning. Phishing by Phone has been done already in the US by using the Open source Asteriks VOIP.


Secondly they should name the database or the service that was not sufficiently secured. Maybe it should be better to have such as in California that obliges firms to send out notices each time their service or network was compromised.


Thirdly the future is in cards that you buy in your bank for a limited specific amout and that can be thrown away afterwards. No link to the real money.

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Syello.be gehacked door phishers

Syello.be - Syndicat des Etudiants Locataires de Louvain La Neuve


ook gehacked door phishers

ils sont pigeon

American Bank inlogpagina

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Belgische server hacked for phishing

En nu zitten ze met een ei (eggbank)




http://ptsmm.net is de Provinciale Technische school van Maasmechelen

die trouwens ilead popups op zijn webser heeft staan


Security is a necessity, not a luxury

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Florida returns to paperproof voting

So all internetgurus and useless-technology-salesmakers, this is the first time your never- ending assault on the instruments of democracy have not only failed, but have got a serious setback.


Democracy is too important to leave it only to machine on which we never can put all our faith - for various reasons. These may be very practical - pc's need electricity - to nearly paranoid - you never really know for sure what really happens in these machines. There is no need to have a winner by the 8o'clock news. There is no need to have a result that can't be disputed or recounted if possible to make sure that everything is according to plan. So yes, let's have a paper ballot next to machines so we can always control anytime if there is any difference between the results of the machine and those in the paperbox. And Florida goes even further - no more machines. Historic.


And for the Belgians. Yes bring all the important votes together on one date (local, federal, regional, provincial and European) One big campaign, One big democratic debate on every level and than 6 years to finish what you have promised.


"In a historic vote, the Florida House today unanimously passed CS/HB 537, already passed in the Senate, that provides almost all voters paper ballots in time for the 2008 Presidential election, and bans paperless DREs [direct-recording electronic voting machines], and bans paperless DREs outright by 2021

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Widgets and closed communities

Widgets of webapplets are being used to transfer information from the original sites on startpages like www.pageflakes.com, www.netvibes.com or those from the big ones like www.live.com from Microsoft, Igoogle and MyYahoo.


THere was a time some time ago that these were made from Javascript or html forms and that it was quite simple to integrate them in whatever the site.


Nowadays the widgets for one don't necessary work on the other one and so contentproviders have to provide different solutions to all of those solutions. For the uses it is also a mess in which they don't necessarily can use the same info in for example live.com they were using on Yahoo.com or another one.


This is called a closed community and it is maybe time for an open standard because this ain't the way to transfer information across the frontiers of the different closed communities. Set the people free, let the content flow, break the widgets. One widget for all.

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