some web 2.0 services

http://www.platial.com/map/1768  web2.0 innovation map - add yours and use this new but exiting service (much hype, not so much activity once you get inside)


http://www.citeulike.org/  books and articles scientific but not all are accessabile for free

http://aworldofhelp.com/home/tech.htm  hardcore porn spam links are an example of another web2.0 service with too few members falling victim to spammers


http://www.networkmenus.co.uk/  share your public bookmarks with  friends with an password and a browserbar


http://www.confessite.com/  confessions online


http://www.rentometer.com/  for owners in London and New York


http://www.metacritic.com/    discuss books and films

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Give your links to research

GiveALink is a social bookmarking site where people can donate their bookmarks to the Web community and to science. As an ongoing academic research project, our goal is to analyze bookmark files to build new Web mining techniques including new ways to search, recommend, personalize, and visualize the Web.

We do not use tags, page content, nor links from submitted Web pages. Instead we use the hierarchical structure in individual bookmark files, when present, and collaborative filtering across users to measure semantic similarity of pages. Simply put, if many users bookmark two pages and put them in the same folder, the pages are probably related somehow; if they don't, they're probably less so. We then use this similarity to provide recommendations and a search engine

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 some news about internet and 2.0

* The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, April 2007 http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/top_100_alt_search_e...    
* Webby Nominees

or get this one  Thinking Blogger Awards



 they should get one : Web Mashups Turn Citizens Into Washington's Newest Watchdogs http://www.wired.com/politics/law/news/2007/04/maplight


and as an example of this : US Money and Politics: Illuminating the Connection



* MySpace Is Not the Web. Get Ready to Move On 

because it now even changes the outgoing links in comments....

We also see the beginning of the balkanization of the internet with the closing of the online communities as shown on The map of online communities


meanwhile another kind of community is explosing

becauseKids and teens have pushed at least 6 immersive online worlds to over 2million UU/mth      


some continue to question the wisdom of the 'social' in the social media

Wisdom or crowds, or just crowdiness of crowds?    
because if you look at this list of Most frequently visited websites - it is not what you'd expect. (The high position of clearly illegal sites is quite astonishing)
* 10 Stunning Facts About Microsoft’s Profits  so much for hype about web.2.0 or the demise of Microsoft


It is preparing the integrated web2.0 services already

Microsoft Astoria for Web Data Services


while others say that the infrastructure of Myspace stinks and that the main problem for most webservices are the conventional databases 


* Flock F***ed?

 and all the hype before ?

because here they are nowhere to be seen

comScore and the numbers between the browsers

* Alltheweb and Altavista (YAHOO) better than Google for general search?


and now for a word from our sponsers (hi)

New non-image spam image spam  what will come afterwards ? non-image imagespam images spammed ?


* A quick reminder you should also upgrade your QUICKTIME as fast as possible (some security whole - function - that has been closed - for now).


* The biggest non-story today was that the digg users have won against the censors for now when they tried to stop a story with the serial number you need to copy a DVD-HD. For the geeks it was the story of the day. They didn't read about the news they became the headline in the news they read.

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Joost live or get one of these invitations ?

Rumor has it that Joost is going online today. Let's see. Or will they have already enough old rerun crap to fill the hours ? Am not very impressed for the moment with their announcements. Patience.


Or get one of the 1000 invitations this guy got and leave your emailadres (for the web2.0 addicts, he is an observer of web2.0 in France)




Belgacomclients and other limited download users should keep an eye on their limits while using online tv.


update : I got one !!!!  Will report about it next week or so.

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MDAC exploit growing fast in importance

According to xplabs has it been discovered in its new format 40% of all the times malware has been discovered by its tools in march.

In a pdf it describes how it works.

It is a vulnerability that has appeared around 2004 and since than has been adapted and been reworked and repatched and so on.

The latest patches are here.

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What do phishers use to scam us ?

Scamware. Offensive computing has put some online so that security testers can work with the same tools as  the bad guys - but with other goals I hope. Even if it is not programmed for our services, a good security tester can work on it so that it could work for our services and than test it.  (You should be under contract with the site you are testing)







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Much more securitystuff coming

Security books at http://ebooks.skynetblogs.be  security freeware at http://freeware.skynetblogs.be  and security ramblings here.

And if you can't get enough of it then there are the hundreds of feeds at http://www.bloglines.com/public/ekz and already a thousand of articles at http://www.furl.net/members/mailforlen


and the missing link is coming soon


and than the fun can really begin.....

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