tens of hacked belgian sites since the 22 of july still hacked

the unix server from ev1s-66-98-208-34.ev1servers.net  was hacked the 22th of july and since then the belgian sites on it hasn't been reset - did anyone notice ? It is clear that the hosting firm has no guardian tool alarming it of any changes.


so this is propaganda or a lie or just .......

World-class everything. It’s simpler that way.

What’s more important? Instantaneous service? Eliminating downtime? Data security? Virus protection? Smooth traffic flow? Expandability? Responsive tech support? Remote capabilities? Unbeatable prices? Yes. That’s why, rather than prioritize, we simply don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

You’re probably going to want to see some proof about now.

Our data centers don’t allow single points of failure. We’re redundant to the point of being redundant, with multiple spares of every part on hand to make sure. Our network is designed to keep the clean data flying, and the illegitimate stuff feeling completely left out of the loop. Our equipment is absolutely the best there is, and the instant we have yours up and running, we give you total—and mostly remote—control. Unless you need our help, in which case, we’re all ears 24 hours a day


find all the sites here


and several pages before and after, one after another


shoot the messenger, not the messingupenger

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hacked archive belgian sites




forumkolik.be/  look http://img131.imageshack.us/my.php?image=forumkolikbede1....


www.bonsaiforum.be/index.htm look http://img131.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bonsaiforumbemz9...


http://www.bloodraynemovie.be look http://img226.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bloodraynemovieb...

http://www.lacambre-archi.be  look http://img226.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lacambrearchibey...


ftp://www.marad.be  look http://img91.imageshack.us/my.php?image=maradbeud3.jpg





http://ww.xoogle.be look http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hck3001nr9.jpg



with the code inserted here http://img141.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hck3002ec2.jpg


emps.be  look  http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hck3003km4.jpg



look http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hck3004hc3.jpg


Forum Communauté française (again)  http://www.cfwb.be/annuairebiblio/site_view.asp?si_id=373  look





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and other hostingservices are hacked

while skynetblogs is shutting down my index with hacked belgian services

another belgian hostingservice with hundreds of clients was hacked and defaced last night (all kinds of sites, political, commercial and personal sites were defaced)


you can look it up at http://www.zone-h.org/index.php?option=com_attacks&It...

and if you want to know the hosting services, you take one of the services and copy it in the traceroute and the whois and you'll have a pretty good idea


and the sites that are being published there are just the tip of the iceberg

with google searches you can find many more of them


one is in belgium and the other is a big international one (zone-h.org)



2006/07/22 aTMaCa

shared hosting is not responsable if you are responsable for our data


shooting the messenger, not the messingupenger

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two belgian hostingfirms lost their servers to hackers overnight

hundreds of belgian sites were hacked overnight

IIS 6 

change of the frontpage

very well know turkish hacker BiyoSecurityTeam


Agent Technical Contacts:
   Last Name:     Hostingcentral Support
   Company Name:  Hostingcentral
   Company Name2: ESNS
   Language:      N
   Street:        Vrijdagmarkt 9
   Location:      2000 Antwerpen
   Country:       Belgium
   Phone:         +32.90044455
   Fax:           +32.32895172
   Email:         domains@hostingcentral.biz
      the downing of this server was responsable for most of the servers
      of this attack


and by another well-known hacker  TheHacker that hacked another portion of servers that are technically managed (according to Whois)


  Last Name:     Register.be Technical Support
   Company Name:  Register.be
   Language:      E
   Street:        Rue de Verdunstraat, 742
   Location:      1130 Brussels
   Country:       Belgium
   Phone:         +32.22473700
   Fax:           +32.22473701
   Email:         info@register.be


most of the sites are coming back again or giving blank pages


just remember

once hacked is always attacked

so review all of your defenses and upgrade them


* place a reverse proxy if you have a little money to invest (of another OS wouldn't be a bad idea) a reverse proxy is a proxy that is woking like a mirror and has only one function (showing on port 80 or 443) and NOTHING else.

* upgrade your firewall with an application defense


this was not new


it is time that hostingfirms have legal obligations to better defend their clients

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Find Private Folder from Microsoft - free easy encryption

Private Folder from Microsoft is a simple way to encrypt folders


network managers protested because there was no backdoor for them

and so Microsoft took it down

but on the internet today - this means nothing


you can find it here



or a clean one here



be careful if it is taken down from other sites that you don't download copies with rogue spyware and trojans in it

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more than 1 million belgian splog (spam) pages in MSN.be

The number of splog pages made in the campaign is in the thousands


Brian's Blog! Here are some links to sites where I've found  

MSN.be Pagina 1 van 160.029 resultaten met "Brian's Blog! Here are some links to sites where I've found"

Pagina 1 van 268.342 resultaten met "David's Blog! Here are some links to sites where I've found"

Pagina 1 van 651.407 resultaten met "Deborah's Blog! Here are some links to sites where I've found"

Pagina 1 van 208.635 resultaten met "Edward's Blog! Here are some links to sites where I've found"

each page is some links and each

change brian by  others like  Elizabeth's   Helen's   John's Kenneth's   Maria's   Margaret's   Sandra's   Steven's  and all the other names that have been used


The more if in msn.be you type certain words like volvo, cadillac, wallpaper, screensaver, ........ these pages will come high up


This is NOT the case in Google.be while MSN is from the same firm as Microsoft and that Microsoft has done the research that found these splogpages.


Splog is a very dangereous threat because it makes searching the web by searchengine almost impossible (taking those millions of splogpages) and gives clickfraud such an impact that it makes no sense paying for clicks (time to search other business models)


These are all hosted on blogger.com  a google firm 


permanent link  http://ekz.skynetblogs.be/?date=20060717&number=814&a...

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spywaring sites to stay away from

these sites are best to stay away from according to siteadvisor.com



(View report)
In our tests, screensavers on this site were infested with adware and they changed our browser settings.
(View report)
Aggregates screensavers from multiple producers. SiteAdvisor tests showed many bundled with unwanted software.
(View report)
During our tests, downloaded screensavers also included installation of My Global Search Bar Toolbar, eShopper, and WhenU's SaveNow.
(View report)
Offers screensavers provided by high volume e-mailer Freeze. Requires e-mail registration. Our sign-up resulted in 47 e-mails per week.
(View report)
Distributes Gain contextual advertising software along with screensavers. Ad-free screensavers carry the hefty price of $30.


(View report)
Smiley packs included Windupdates, New dot net, 180Solutions, and SAHagent.
(View report)
Registration with EZ-Greets distributor aavalue.com resulted in 120 e-mails per week in our inbox.
(View report)
Screensaver titan Freeze also offers emoticons. Our download included WhenU and New dot net.
(View report)
Added WhenU and WhenU CrunchGames toolbar during installation.
(View report)
Download included Zango, WebHancer and New dot net in a single smiley pack.

(View report)
Don't be fooled by the cute bear logo. The free version of BearShare contained WhenU in our tests.
(View report)
Their site has a slick, modern presentation that elicits comparisons to trustworthy programs like Skype and Firefox. But program came bundled with Cydoor and WebHancer.
(View report)
Feedback from the SiteAdvisor community suggests that this site charges users for access to P2P software that is widely available for free. Fees are for tutorials and customer service, but instructions and community support are already available for free across the Web.
(View report)
Offers a variety of downloads including many P2P clients. In our tests, software came bundled with BargainBuddy, ExactSearchBar, WebHancer, and Zango.
(View report)
This application has earned the dishonorable distinction of receiving SiteAdvisor's highest possible nuisance rating due to our detection of New dot net and Startnow.

(View report)
Required us to download and install 180Solutions' Zango adware in order to view the site's contents.
(View report)
Excessive pop-ups, which on occasion breached browser security on our test PCs. Use caution!
(View report)
Recommends and links to 'red' lyrics sites which we found to contain exploits and dangerous downloads.
(View report)
Publicly posts users' e-mail addresses in the guestbook. After we signed up, we ended up with 34 spammy e-mails per week. (Read our blog on the danger of publicly posted e-mail addresses.)
(View report)
Claims to offer a 'Free Lyric Finder' but charges a customer service fee for access to free software. Don't waste your money.
(View report)
Games are free of spyware, but registration resulted in 35 e-mails per week to our inbox.
(View report)
Site claims to be '100% spyware and adware free!' Our downloads included WhenU and New dot net.
(View report)
Offers games with huge money prizes and a 'no spam guarantee.' Our registration resulted in 99 e-mails per week on average.
(View report)
The games are free, but our tests showed games bundled with WhenU and New dot net.
(View report)
Games might be 'totally fun.' But we didn't enjoy the popup ads we received from bundled Zango.
(View report)
SiteAdvisor sign-up for Playstation sweepstakes resulted in 72 e-mails per week.
(View report)
One of the top sponsored links for 'free ipod' search. 'Breakage' site requires user to complete many trial offers from sponsors. Also sends high-volume email.
(View report)
Major player in 'customer acquisition' market. Uses sweepstakes and giveaways to lure potential customers for sponsors. Sent us 38 e-mails per week.
(View report)
Buys search keywords like 'free xbox' to generate traffic. Sent 54 e-mails per week after SiteAdvisor sign-up.
(View report)
Popular regligious site runs giveaways but in our tests bundled the Istbar contextual ad program. Stealth install: no disclosures made prior to/during installation.
(View report)
Zango install required even to view thumbnails. Installed advertising toolbar Istbar and Dyfuca, which is associated with Internet Optimizer which some experts describe as an adware bundler.
(View report)
Re-directed us to ezthemes.com without notification. Ezthemes is a screensaver distributor that bundled WhenU, Accoona and more in our tests.
celebstation dot org
(View report)
Use extreme caution. During our recent visit, this site installed SpySheriff via a security exploit, without user consent.
(View report)
Affiliated with 'red' rated sites which in our tests installed programs many people consider to be adware, spyware or other unwanted software.
(View report)
Our visit resulted in 8 pop-up windows opening after 4 clicks on the site. We received 2 pop-ups even with a pop-up blocker enabled.

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