belgian free .be campaign used to insert splogs and spyware

rills.be (site gone)    with a list of 109 doorway sites


than I used the siteadvisor to follow the links and I saw that most of them are interlinked.


the most dangereous is peakclick.be  (downloads from active x with connection to ICQ)  changes with toolbar searchpage, homepage and more add ons


huga.be  ciantsee.be   derm0.be  ryta.be  nucl.be  vm0.be  hc0.be  5pw.be  keste.be  1yak.be  getnow.be  erastor.be  tugy.be  modded.be  hrast.be huga.be berh.be  frix.be  kled.be  dicta3a.be  peakc.be  e5w.be  rofiz.be
rasek.be  fecunre.be  den3tive.be  0o3.be  eske3r.be drud.be  gynd.be
known.be hc0.be m0lle.be  topoffers.be  buygood.be


We than did a who is and arrived for them always at strange belgian addresses for for example  frix.be
Naam  Jidhfusi Ferlkfd 
Organisatie  Ckjldaj inc.


and although they were registered through Eurodns and others I am not sure they checked the addresses. Who is responsable for checking the addresses ?


The only thing I think is working and right is the emailadresses which is always

one at  @globalsquid


and if you go to http://globalsquid.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi

than you will see it is an online doorway (splog) page creator club

who registered and interlinked their free belgian domains

and these are russians  doorways@mail.ru is their contact


What is www.dns.be doing about it ?

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top of the blog spammers or sploggers



http://research.microsoft.com/searchdefender/ (with lists and lists of them)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spamdexing  Good overview of what is and how it works

http://fightsplog.blogspot.com/  stopped in June (Google gives only 100 pages to non-spammers.....)


There are millions of comments, blogs and pages in blogs that are just spam using commercial tools to make thousands a day if necessary. All using Google's Adsense to get rich or downloading spyware and adware and getting paid for it. These firms are asking no questions and doing nothing. If you still believe you pay for visitors if you pay for clicks, wake up



you can submit such pages here



tip : skynetblogs can insert them and block links to them or from them

it is also important that comments have no influence on the page-ranking of the link of the commentator (follow no ref)

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10 e-card sites infected with spyware and spamtools


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blogs and news from lebanon and Israel

before the attacks some lebanese saw it coming http://mslevantine.blogspot.com/  and http://newleb.blogspot.com/


it seems the region and intelligence community were just counting the days that war would brake out - without anyone lifting a finger to prevent it




http://www.openlebanon.com/ (all headlines)

http://meastpolitics.wordpress.com/   (good links here organized)





http://www.windowinlebanon2.blogspot.com/   français




as electricity is disappearing in the beirut capital, these blogs or their update will also - otherwise look them up in the Google cache


and bloggers from Israel and Lebanon discussing it



some places that were bombarded


hezbollah station attacked


Haifa trainstation missile


the propaganda war with pictures you can also follow here



on http://www.bloglines.com/public/ekz in the folder middle east you will some feeds from Israel and others will follow if the crisis continues.


Let's hope not. And let lebanon at last be a free democratic united country living in peace with all its neighbours so the lebanese can do what they were best at, trading and getting things moved and done.

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opendns.com the solution for the belgian content firewall

The plan of the belgian minister of IT to put a content firewall around the belgian internet has not been thought through and should be re-adjusted.



http://www.opendns.com is an open source initiative that could be the solution if some other questions are answered. The idea is to use the DNS servers to block the addresses of the malware or childporn sites. This is easily done as you just ad a blacklist. The cost is minimal compared to other systems.

The other advantage is that you can add more easily another dns server (an FDNS - Filtering DNS server) to the existing parcs and that you can hardcode these in dialup software (for example to contact egov and ebizz sites and not to be redirected to phishing sites). If the sites are being taken down, you can easily put others in its place or just redirect to others.


The problem with opendns.com is that in their interview they say that everything is going automaticcally and that there is no human supervision or control, which seems a bit 'naïve' and that in an analysis of their infrastructure they don't use SPF to indicate the security of their identity.

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exploits, hacking attacks and war

When tension is rising in the real world, especially in the middle-east, you can reckon that our digital infrastructures will be hit and scanned even harder by cyberwarriors, as they are calling themselves.


Taken together that a number of - even unpatched exploits - are coming out against office files and parts of open source programs like mambo, phpbb and even against the linux kernel itself, the situation can become more dangereous and especially if you are on holiday without having started a monitoring service on your infrastructure.


 Don't let yourself be fooled by the absence of press reports or the green indicators of antivirus and security firms. These green indicators are as always compared with the interne-involving attacks like red worm and sasser (as a reminder have a look at http://sasser.skynetblogs.be) and are just historical trends indicators, not an indicator of the actual situation.

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google earth and military operations (Israel)

While looking at the news today about Israels military operations in Libanon I thought I check out Google Earth to see how live this would be. So I went to bombarded Beirut Airport, but there was no sign of it. So it are old photo's in a database and not what is happening right now.


This has its advantages but it doesn't take away the fundamental thing about Google earth. Countries should have the right to put it out of order for their country of cities when military conflicts are happening. The other countries with their own satellites will still have the knowledge, but the general public and whoever with an internet connection would not anymore.


two stories about this



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