Some belgian ISP's have some very dangereous DNS

SAFE dns
ns2.telenet-ops.be. []
ns.telenet-ops.be. []
ns3.skynet.be. []
ns4.skynet.be. []
ns1.skynet.be. []
ns2.skynet.be. []
ns1.scartech.be. []
ns2.scartech.be. []
ns3.scartech.be. []
ns1.anaxis.be. []
ns2.anaxis.be. []

Very Yellow DNS
ns1.netnames.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [GB]
ns2.netnames.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [GB]
ns02.rrn-ns.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [BE]
ns01.rrn-ns.net. [ (NO GLUE)]


danger DNS
ns01.chello.com. [ (NO GLUE)] [NL]
ns02.chello.com. [ (NO GLUE)] [NL]
amsns01.chello.com. [ (NO GLUE)]
falun.dns.swip.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [SE]
ns.uni2.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [DK]
brutele01.brutele.be. [] [BE]
brutele02.brutele.be. []  [BE]


checked with the safe DNS lookup function at your right (thanks to domaindoctor)  You can use it for whatever site. If a site has an open DNS server, than you should stay away for it because it is open to attacks, spoofing and can be very easily put out of business


The DNS is the brain of the internet and makes the connection between your domainnames and the ip adresses of the servers. Without it we would all be typing ip adresses again. Only one should be aware that instead of attacking individual pc's it is easier for malware-crook to infect dns servers

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GO here https://mozy.com/?ref=FFM3GC


just look good at the page, the free stuff is at your right


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party in Italy - see by cam



other cams are having problems treating the traffic


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flemish artist attacked by digital campaign by extreme Right

For the first time in 20 years the popular flemish artists have decided to organise together a concert the weekend before the local elections to appeal the people to stop voting so massively for the populist but very extreme right vlaams belang. The problem for the vlaams belang is that the artists are now also very popular artists that before never spoke out, but now have feel the time to come.


They are now having to treat with a digital campaign orchestrated by the offices of the extreme right party. This is not the first time that the extreme right in Flanders have shown their digital teeth and spammed or attacked discussion forums and sites away.


The only thing site owners of the groups and fansites can do is the following

1. First and most important  Do change all your emailadresses in online forms and limit the possible subjects to a few. This makes it impossible to attack your mailserver with a serverbased tool. Secondly if your emailadres is known, change it. And maybe between now and than you will have to change it sometimes. And be sure that people will have to fill in a code before sending an answer. And do not publish immediately those posts.


2. Do not let any comments, forums or reactions be done without a form of registration. You can put a script like here to show that you know their ip adress. If it is a hacked one, than they are infringing belgian law.


3. Put your site on a reverse proxy and keep a copy of your site offline on a new server, ready to de deployed if yours is going down. Ask your hosting firm to keep logs and let him put off the most stringest defenses (application attacks, anti ddos,...... a professional firewall like checkpoint lets you do this easily).


4. Google what is being said or planned about you by typing your name and 0110. A google alert is very interesting in this case.


5. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the comments and so on. It is just a small but very good organised minority.


You will find much more security information on the links aside

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freeware for the weekend part 1

desktop search client now free (but includes the installation of the Yahoo search toolbar) X1 is extremely popular with many of its users, and it does offer very advanced search functions. If you really don't know where to start on the whole desktop search market, check out Wendy's desktop search showdown.   http://www.x1.com/download/

http://pearbudget.com/  free budgetprogram


http://downlode.org/etext/index.html  etext library

http://www.solstice.us/russell/  writings by Bertrand Russel

http://www.textfiles.com/etext/MODERN/hhbk  hackers handbook

http://mancide.net/ch/CalvinandHobbescomplete/?dir=  all Calvin and Hobbes

http://101cookbooks.com/archives/001422.html  make your own cookbook


http://www.zafar.se/bkz/wiki/view/43bafac8c8570f4f  classic texts of computer science

http://www.55fun.com/  pdf format of new book 55 ways to have fun with google



http://freetld.net/  free domainnames


http://www.xs4all.nl/~edienske/abakt/download.html#stable  backup freeware windows



http://www.musikethos.org/wiki/me.php/Download/Homepage  free mp3 classical music

http://www.macmegasite.com/node/1887 13 free itunes songs

http://www.videodl.org/  download online videos fast

http://digguser.blogspot.com/  101 music downloads

http://www.fugufish.org/frog/?p=13 puppets in music videos

http://www.kingofbeaver.com/music_videos/  music videos of the 80's   www.Remembertheeighties.com  

http://www.worksafevideos.com/music_videos/  1800 music videos from the 80's


http://digguser.blogspot.com/2006/06/cartoon-index-full-l...  900 of them

http://www.piczo.com/allaboutsouthpark?g=11323462&cr=3  all the south park videos and no ads

http://www.comicbookdb.com/index.php  index of comics

http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/beta/getthebeta.m...  office 2007 beta 2 get it

http://www.newnetworks.com/scandals.htm free book to download ?

Free Printable Calendar Templates

http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/index.html  to do freeware

http://www.thenetter.com/scripts/  too many free stuff to tell  

http://www.impliedbydesign.com  too many freestuff

http://www.zillasoft.ws/ different freewares

http://www.nsauditor.com/freeware/index.html network freeware

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wikipedia is wikistupedia project and dangerous

Wiki as a program is responsible for a new way of treating information and organizing discussions and final texts. While nowadays we have to scroll and copy-paste in open mailinglists, discussionbulletins, newsgroups and blogcomments, wiki gives the possibility to work together on the same text and see the immediate effect of each change in the context of the whole adapted text. This makes a discussion much more interesting, easier and prevents some misunderstandings. The wiki software an sich is very diverse and has the possibilities to oblige people to register or to work on a copy of the text before changing the final text (sandbox) and to defend its original texts against spamming and edit-wars. It comes to no surprise that wiki is spreading around the internet like wildfire. In a controlled environnment it gives a site the possibility to have an unique way to organise feedback from customers, members or readers. For encyclopedias, technical works and factual information sites it could give the possilibity to let others correct mistakes or actualise very quickly information that would otherwise take months or even years to publish on paper. These books-of- facts would become this way even more living books of ever expanding intelligence and information. Encarta is moving this way, but I have no doubt that others will follow. This could change the way internet looks and organises interaction and discussion just as instant messenging, webmail and blogs have done.   Read more here http://wildweb.wetpaint.com/page/wikistupedia

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Gatz.be, Katho.be, Horecavlaanderen.be,...... Gehacked - U bent de volgende ?

Het zal u maar overkomen. U hebt duizenden Euro's geïnvesteerd in uw site en/of honderden uren werk en u bent er natuurlijk apetrots op en u hebt veel of weinig maar volgens u belangrijke bezoekers en op een dag staat u in de krant of op het internet als een gehackte site en bent u tentoonge- steld als een 'loser' of toch iemand die niet weet hoe je zo iets professioneel aanpakt. Dit is natuurlijk zo erg niet als het over sportclubs of scouts of een persoonlijke pagina gaat, maar indien het gaat om publieke personen zoals politici (Gatz, Grouwels, NV-A,....) of om overheidsinstellingen (politie.be, ....) is het al erg, maar niet zo erg als wanneer de site ook pretendeert veilig genoeg te zijn voor het ontvangen van persoonlijke en financiële informatie en transacties. In het ergste geval is het een hostingmaatschappij zoals hosting-it dat niet alleen haar eigen linuxserver maar ook al haar klanten kwijt geraakt. Maar u bent niet alleen en het is niet omdat de media er geen aandacht aan besteden dat het geen plaag is. Honderden systemen worden maandelijks gehacked, niet alleen belgische, maar aangezien we geen jurisprudentie of wetgeving over de buitenlandse hebben interesseren die buitenlandse me hier nu minder.  Lees meer hier http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be/?date=20060708&number...

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