De overheid dankt de Belgische webgebruikers voor 90 miljoen Euro

90 miljoen Euro is de som die Belgacom dit jaar aan de overheid uitbetaald als haar grootste aandeelhouder.

Leuk om weten is dat de prijs van ADSL in België minstens het dubbele bedraagt van in onze buurlanden en dat als we pakketten gaan vergelijken we helemaal omver zouden vallen van de prijzen op enkele tientallen kilometers van ons.

Ondertussen moeten we natuurlijk applaudisseren als de overheid daar een kruimeltje van investeert in 'internet voor iedereen' (en liefst zo traag mogelijk als je de beschrijving van de pc bekeek).  Ze zouden beter de prijs voor iedereen naar beneden brengen.

Men kan natuurlijk aan Europa vragen om de btw te mogen verlagen naar 6% ipv 21 omdat telecom nu éénmaal iets is zoals water en brood. In de huidige maatschappij heb je nu éénmaal niet zo veel meer toegang tot kennis als je geen computer en internet hebt.

Dat zou heel wat interessanter zijn van Europa dan te reclameren dat we achterop lopen met het aantal internetverbindingen en dat dat allemaal zou liggen aan Belgacom. Wat een beetje simpel is want zelfs Telenet bijt haar tanden stuk op Belgacom. (voor zover ze ook daar het bedrijf niet leegpompen).

Belgacom kan natuurlijk de prijs van de pakketten verlagen want je kan niet en tegelijkertijd tv kijken en op internet zitten. Dus mensen met digitale tv kijken meer tv en gebruiken dus minder internet en dus kan je hun prijs naar beneden brengen in het pakket. Maar dat kan moeilijk want anders kan je vadertje staat de centjes niet geven.

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Met overheidsinformatie over veilig internetten zoals dat....


Child focus noemt zo iets veiligheidseducatie over een verantwoord gebruik van internet. Los van het feit dat er in de verste verte geen sprake is van een lijst van interessante en educatieve websites, staat er op deze website geen jota over antivirus, firewall, chatmonitoring en andere bescherming. Wel veel gedragsregels, maar het zijn niet deze gedragsregels die de virussen weghalen.

Maar ja, we zijn het al gewoon van BIPT, spamsquad en de domme blonde dat consumenteninformatie over veiligheid op het internet net zo openbarend en interessant is als die van de industrie of de ISP's. Je zou bijna gaan geloven dat het nog waar is ook, dat dat van die onveiligheid echt overroepen is en dat we ons in feite geen zorgen moeten maken.

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Do you have an FBI file (or did your family have one)

In the States there are procedures by which you can ask access or a copy after a certain amount of time (and not 100 years). What is even better is that is becoming more and more easier to have access to these files (and not in a Kafka way like here)

This is an example  http://www.getmyfbifile.com/

The files won't come online. You will still have to send a real letter with a real signature. So much for trust in electronic communications

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Even in the US is epolitics virtual politics

Even if there are thousands of blogs and online magazines and real journalists from real newspapers following every letter you write online, you can't ignore the fact that the outcome is down to organisation, organisation and organisation. Elections are like war. You have a good organised team and strategy and you stand a chance or you don't and you can maybe be lucky for a while, but not more than that.

As always they have quantified something new and now some US political consulting firms (the hired killers and scouts) has come up with an index of the online presence of the different candidates. If we believe that elections are won or lost online, than

* democrats will surely win even if half of the states has only exceptionally voted for a democrat as president

* Obama will surely win even if only Hillary can show polls in which she has a possibility to win against a republican candidate

but both have a problem with organisation, organisation, organisation that they will have to overcome.


The greatest danger for the candidates and their followers is that they make a fata morgana of their webpresence and they believe that they don't have to do as much in the real world in day-to-day operations.  


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The Turks are coming (a new hacking storm)

Every time something moves in Turkye the rest of the online world are keeping their breath. The Turkish government isn't interested in stopping the hacking storm coming from their networks against websites all over the world. So these gangs are doing whatever they want, they even have official websites and forums, all under the flag of the great turkish (islamic or ataturk) nation. If maybe the flemish extremists would start hacking turkish websites to defend the flemish nation-state they dream off, it would become clear to the Turkish officials how ridiculuous this form of propaganda is.

Even if they see it as a form of cyberwarfare against kurdish and armenian websites they surely don't help their cause by attacking with their scripttools hundreds of other business- and mom-and-dad websites at the same time. I hardly can't believe they are that stupid that they can't configure their attack tools so they only attack websites with only a certain kind of content. Not that I approve of their techniques to try to silence websites that have another opinion, but if their attacks would be more directed, they would be easier to explain.

But as the situation is now, we'll have to monitor the situation in Turkye (our next European partners ?) to have an idea of the hacking storms coming our way. The news ain't good for the moment. Kurdisch and Turkish soldiers are having a shooting ball at the Iraqi frontier. So any turkish nationalist behind the computer can find the urge to tell the world that Turkye their great nation will conquer and destroy all of its enemies and so on and so on....

Website owners should  be careful with traffic coming from Turkye or proxies (if you don't need them, just block them) and have a clean backup of their website by the hand. They should also monitor their webservers for changes and should be sure that all patches, security workarounds and standard passwordpolicy are installed.

You can find more information here

list of hacked websites  http://www.zone-h.org  and http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be

list of vulnerabilities http://www.secunia.com

software to monitor changes on a webserver - tripwire

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I ate the (unsafe) cookies of De Morgen

THis is an example why you should be very careful when using cookies for identification. This was only for placing comments but imagine that once logged in you could 'manage your subscription or book library'.

Legal disclaimer

Due to the strict Belgian law I didn't test this with tools I just wanted to log on. I didn't test it afterwards with tools, nor contacted the newspaper afterward.  It seems to be working normally again. The paper was contacted last week and this is only published afterwards. The newspaper didn't ask not to publish it afterwards. The site of the newspaper wasn't scanned or attacked with any other tools by me. I didn't keep any cookies or any other meta-information about that person on my harddisk. The internetoperations were totally cleaned afterwards.

De Morgen is a flemish newspaper (used to be progressive (EU) /liberal (US)) that has installed the possibility for their readers (of the online articles because I doubt that many of the commentators even read the newspaper) to add comments. It is using a system that is also used by Het Laatste Nieuws (which is the largest distributed flemish newspaper with around 1 million readers daily and is much more popular mainstream (or it it meanstream ?).
It is possible to put a comment under an article under the name of another person if that person is logged on at that time under his logon and is probably reading the same article.
I am not that person I just clicked on put a comment. Well as he uses his own name and places comments he shouldn't be ashamed of it to do so.
and send
It shows that when installing cookies you should be very careful and that you should really test a system inside out by outside experts who do nothing else day in day out and know all the latest tricks and do all the things that you don't expect a normal person to do.
Can you fix it ? Yes you can !  Because a man in the middle attack against the forums of De Morgen seemed workable. Persistant cookies are dangereous if you don't put the time-out right. (Force time-outs)
They seem to have fixed it, so I publish this.
I just tried it once and identified the posting and asked the newspaper afterwards to remove it because the person concerned couldn't have written it (although he was online following up the comments on that article in De Morgen at the time).

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hack of the weekend : Belgian Coast and weather sites

A whole series of Belgian websites about the coast and its weather were hacked over the weekend. Some of them are just dummies, but also the official websites got some pages added.

In the http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be  we only took the .be sites, but also others were a victim like lacote.org (an semi-official portal website for the belgian coast). The defacements were identical to the .be site so we presume the server itself was compromised.

I presume those people will sing 'tell me why I do hate mondays'

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