vao.be was hacked and reported in the news

No news yet that a Turkish hacking storm may be on the horizon, although the warning has been sent to the media.

Meanwhile this example should awaken some - but less than a pre-alert.

So, lets look at the hack
First it is being done by Briam - a very Turkish name. (sic)
Secondly the contact address is mail.ru in Ruland. So forget asking any information over there.
Thirdly there is no mention of other Turkish hackers or clans or websites.
Fourth the language is not the normal nationalistic Turkish slogans.
So maybe it is a lone Turkish cybersoldier and maybe it has been done from a Belgian IP address and we can see an arrest in the coming hours or days. And he will be another stupid belgian hacker who forgot that in Belgium the  cyberlaw is in its place and being used by the cybercops.

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major Internet backbone global crossing facing huge dificulties today

Network problems on a major backbone: Global Crossing

During the day we were receiving messages regarding the problem with one of the major backbone providers - Global Crossing whose fiber optic network covers more than 100,000 route miles, reaching six continents, 60 countries and more than 600 major cities. They are some problems experienced on the following routes - from Global Crossing to Internap, Level3, Savvis, SBC, Verizon, XO. This is the cause that many websites during the day are experiencing problems with availability and latency.

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site will be updated as needed

We are going to focus on this developing situation in the next day and keeping a watchful eye on what is happening and if something is going to happen. And even if nothing is happening, let it be a good exercise to

- watch out if your website is hacked (or still being Google cached as such)

- control if your infrastructure is safe and monitored

- control if you have a backup of your website and the necessary plans in place

Meanwhile BIPT and DNS.Be should think seriously about getting those forgotten hacked belgian websites unreachable as long as they aren't fixed because they could become launching platforms for new attacks that could become nastier than those we have known so far.

If you don't let broken down cars drive on our highways, why let hacked websites still be out there without any lock-out. Or google can lock-out the websites that are daily hacked by badware.org. This would oblige Google to clean its cache and the administrators to clean up their act.

The political parties that will form the government should also foresee the concentration of all forces in Belgian to defend our critical infrastructure. It is maybe time to organise hearings about this subjecs and to take the necessary legal action and to implement the laws and plans already established. I do not care how it is organised (local, federal) as long as there is a fluent coordination in REALTIME.

Because otherwise 'we will all go down together'.

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what will happen in the next few days hacking wise

It all depends

Or it is a lonesome ranger from the gang - or somebody using their name and I suppose the general wouldn't be too happy about that - and he is reprimanded or silenced and everything goes back to normal (being 5 to 20 .be sites hacked a day).

Or it is the first shot to inform us that we are going to have to respond to the attacks from them and numerous other turkish me-too groups.

Or the Turkish officials tell them to back off because it would do more harm than good attacking the belgian infrastructure that is also used by the European Community institutions they would like to belong to and show how democratic they are (which isn't the case if you bombard every online critic or whatever other site with nationalistic hysteria).

Btw  I understand that if you as a turkish or double nationality young man have to fight in the turkish mountains against the PKK you would rather hope the war would be over and done with once and for all, but war is finally only ended by peace and democracy, not by more war.

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Defend freedom on the net

when they hacked kurdish sites
I didn't help to defend
because I wasn't a Kurd
when they hacked american sites
I didn't help to defend
because I wasn't an American
when they hacked jewish sites
I didn't help to defend
because I wasn't a jew
when they hacked me
there was nobody to help me

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who are we up against - turkish hackers storm announced against Belgium

AY YILDIZ TEAM  http://www.ayyildiz.org/ayt/  and they have their own forum with their hacked sites index, their attack programs and their plans. They say they have international branches. For videos you have to go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYR-ZrSR_TQ

According to this dutch newspaper the organisation has a militaristic structure with generals and so on. It publishes a IT security/warfare book that it sells to the Turkish police forces and refuses all contacts with the press. So I suppose that the Turkish government knows who the leader is and they can tell him to back off and leave the countries alone with which he wants to partner. Can't dance if someone is stepping all the time on your shoes.

I don't speak turkish so I hope the cyberpolice sections have turkish speaking people to go through the numerous sites from Turkish hackers that are announcing and claiming cyber hack campaigns.

They were mainly responsable for attacks against dutch, bulgarian, greece and other organised attacks against public websites of governments or groups they didn't like because they were not enough pro-turkish.

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Clean up your hacked sites and pages or become part of the cyberattack against Belgium

There are for the moment a several hundred of pages of belgian websites and forums that are hacked and are still being hacked or that are still being shown by Google as once being hacked.

If we are going to have a cyberattack against the Belgian digital infrastructure by Turkish hackers than it is in the interest of all that those pages and websites are cleaned up and better defended because

* they could become a trampolin for other attacks against other sites

* they could become a gateway to other sites and services

* they could indicate which sites are not well defended or even forgotten

In fact, every website .be that is in http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be should be more careful nowadays because once defaced, always attacked (you are on the white list of the hackers).  A list of more than 500 .be websites that have been hacked in 2007 is being published on http://www.furl.net/members/mailforlen  subject hacked (there is a RSS feed)

If your site is in order but the cache is still showing that you are hacked, than you should open a Google account as site-admin and ask Google to clean the cache and come by again.

For those who think that losing time with official complaints will change anything against hacking traffic from outside Belgium, go ahead lose your time. Maybe this will change if the European countries together put pressure on Turkye to stop this avalanche of hacking traffic bouncing against our walls and creeping through each security hole it can find.

Last tip  Google Yourself   site:yoursite.?   hacked by  or hack or

if you do this site:be hacked by you will find sites that have been hacked since weeks or months without cleaning anything up

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