Turkish hackers promise to launch anti-danmark like cyberattack against Belgium

As a response to the arrests following the Turkish riots in Brussels Turkish hackers have began with what they call a massive cyberattack on Belgian infrastructure and websites. They promise to do damage.

Those who read this blog know that they have been warned for this last week and should have taken the appropriate actions.

First I you don't need any traffic FROM turkey, you just block all traffic coming from Turkye at your firewall (or if the number of visits isn't worth the trouble, for example if you have on your e-commerce site 50 visits a month and 40 are attacks, you just block them, ain't worth the money).

Secondly all your machines and sites should be patched (also the applications) and should have an antivirus and firewall. You should have a clean backup from your website-applications in standby (hot and cold) and you should monitor all changes to your website (especially changing pages like frontpage and forums or adding pages).



- a subsite of Wallonie.be

- a subsite of the organisation of cities

- probably even the sncb

we will try to follow the situation as it develops but do not forget : the belgian government has no central coordination center against that kind of attacks as this government refused to install it even if it was written in the New Telecom Law. You (and your contractors and ISP's) are on your own, except if you guys coordinate a bit between yourselfs.

It can be bluff, but it can just be the beginning of a storm. Just as with a storm, prepare yourself.

You can find documentation about esecurity here http://ebooks.skynetblogs.be

You can find freeware for esecurity and other stuff here http://freeware.skynetblogs.be

You can follow the registry of hacked sites of this and other campaigns here  http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be


This is the warning as published on a number of Belgian sites



YOU DISHONORABLE Prostitute Belgium. You arrested and beated the Turkish people for Saying NO to Terrorism! You’re a Terrorist country, you have no difference than PKK! Sneaking BELGIUM you always watched the PKK terrors during there terrorism shows but you showed your real FACES Only when Turkish people WALKED AND SAID NO for terrorism.


We are giving you the answer. Didn’t you hear about us? Let’s explain who we are: We gave a damage of 100 Milliards of Dollars to Denmark. We destroyed Holland and France. We took Bulgaria and Greece to deep underground.

Now it’s your turn, we came to take you to underground too!



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Belgian turkish websites mobilising for the war in Turkye and on our streets

Strange that Europe would even consider making this a member of our community. Well, we had Greece, Italy, Spain en Portugal before that weren't exactly models of democracy and peace and needed some transition and you can argue that great britain wasn't really recognizing all the democratic basic rights of each community in Northern Ireland but those clashes and transitions are more or less over and absorbed.

It is a bit strange seeing in Brussels Turkish flags on windows and buildings as if there is a football match and shouting and rioting youngsters with flags from their country as if we are holding them back from supporting their country with all democratic means at their disposal. Even more that this is the capital of Europe, the community their country would like to belong to... on their conditions. A bit strange that all these Eurocrats that will have to prepare reports about the efforts that Turkye is making will now have to watch the news with Turkish youngsters aggressing Kurds and Armenians under their eyes and having riot police and police sirens going through their city the whole night.

FOr the readers from outside Brussels, no Brussels is not on fire. For the moment we are speaking about riots with around 300 to 400 youngsters moving around in about 4 streets of one very small part of the city, surrounded by police. There were some small fires and one Kurdish and one Armenian business was vandalized.

http://www.belturk.be/go.php?go=303148a&do=details&am... is the main Turkish Belgian portal and it is not doing exactly much to excuse or to calm down the spirits. Under the cover of news it is in fact glamourizing the illegal demonstrations that were turning into riots. I don't speak turkish, but it all looks this way. If it would be otherwise the pages would have been different and the choice of photographs also and there would have been an excuse in french or flemish to those that have been vandalized for a war in Turkye....

http://www.belturk.be/go.php?go=31c147a&do=details&am...  video

They say they are all turkish soldiers and that each should do their part.

For your part, you should make sure your website and network are protected and looked after because the Turkish hackers have free game in their country to attack whoever whenever with whatever digital attacktools. Even if you have nothing to do with turks, kurds or Armenians...

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Google cripples searches with ad-blocking

If you see a Google result page in which you can't find the extra functions of Google search and most of other links to cache and so on are gone, than Google is punishing you for doing your search with proxies or ad-blockers.

They state that

Program policies

The Google AdSense terms and conditions state that search queries must originate from individual human end users inputting data directly into a WebSearch box, and that search results should not be activated from a software application (including toolbars). If you feel that the search results page you landed on was arrived at in violation of these policies, or if you got to this page after doing a search on Google's own site (www.google.com), please let us know. In addition, if you feel that the search results page you landed on was generated from a website associated with undesirable software (as described in our Software Principles), please let us know.

Google is a stockvalued company. Point final.

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what does Belgium do about cybersecurity

nothing much according to the European agency responsable for collecting the information about our organisations and activities around cybersecurity


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Smartdraw is the right tool


Techrepublic seems to find so and I do certainly think so. If before you didn't have enough money to give every developer, projectmanager and IT a tool to make his flows and schemes and whatever he should have made instantly when developing or describing things you will now. If you before were fighting with always changing, hardly working and poorly presented open source tools, you have a cheap alternative now. Or online versions that are so slow that you have already forgotten half of what you are supposed to put in the documents once you can continue.

In business environments you need cheap software that just does the job it is supposed to do and for which you have the support, upgrades and networkversions you need as a business.

No you have totally no reason to complain that you have forgotten to document the workflow, the network architecture, the security template or form.

a nice tip. You can add links (for example in boxes next to the object) and you can do that to put a link behind the text to another smartdraw image, to excell or word files or to jpegs (or scanned files)). Image that you can put all your contacts, contracts, workflows, time-sheets, architecture, technical documentation and reports on 1 server and you go through visual presentations to find the exact document you need about the exact application or server.

Oké somebody will say that this was the way that hackers broke into some networks but this computer doesn't have to be on a network or can be so seperated and defended (with a honeypot next to it) that it would be much harder to break into than the stories you read from the nineties.

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De morgen versus Het Laatste Nieuws

Ze worden geschreven door verschillende journalisten (op enkele uitzonderingen na) samengesteld door verschillende redacteurs (oef) maar op het net gegooid door dezelfde webmanagers. Laten we eens de titels vergelijken (dit wordt leuk)

Kraainem incidenten

Stinkbommen en luid protest in gemeentehuis Kraainem (HLN) en VB-parlementsleden uit gemeenteraad gezet in Wezembeek-Oppem (De Morgen)

Kosten verkiezingscampagnes

Verkiezingscampagne Open Vld blijkt de duurste (DM) en Voorbije kiescampagne was goedkoopste sinds 1991  (HLN)

Hoofddoek op school

midden op de pagina bij het Laatste Nieuws, bovenaan bij De Morgen

Tevens zijn een aantal artikels hetzelfde, ontbreken er op beide sites een aantal artikels die wel op de andere staan en is het vb vreemd dat HLN zich harder vastbijt in het Lernaut oplichtingsschandaal (met een speciaal dossier) dan De Morgen.

Maar de enorme toename aan aantal artikels over het gewone nieuws stelt De Morgen wel voor een enorme uitdaging. Het Laatste Nieuws heeft immers haar lokale nieuws en al haar hebbedingetjes en familierubriekjes die niet online staan maar er wel een doorsnee gazet van maken. De Morgan kan denken dat ze het met cultuur en 'snobisme' (sorry) misschien wel gaan maken, maar het valt me op dat in De Standaard (de grote concurrent van De Morgen - soms zelfs op persoonlijk vlak tussen de hoofdredacteurs) er meer analyse en achtergrond en dossiers staan dan in De Morgen. Dit is ook het geval in La Libre Belgique (tegenover Le Soir die nu ook deze weg begint te volgen) en in Le Monde en Libération.

In veel rapporten staat overigens dat mensen online wel nieuws willen lezen maar dat analyse en reportages op papier worden gelezen. Misschien moet men in de krant minder plaats vrijmaken voor nieuws en meer voor analyse (met vb op de website de volledige versies van rapporten te downloaden). En dus minder plaats voor gezever van Dew......er

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De Morgen verandert haar website in een chaos

Dat De morgen haar strakke maar overzichtelijke website eens zou moeten laten overgaan in de chaos van HLN de moedermaatschappij (waar men totaal anders over het net denkt dan over de krant waar alles min of meer een voorspelbare plaats heeft (misdaad overal)) was te verwachten, maar de chaos die de krant op haar website vandaag heeft, tart toch elke verbeelding. Misschien loopt de overgang in het honderd en is het daarom een grote soep (nog vlug wat adsense er tussen en nog meer titels en de reacties en foto's en .....)

vraag me af of er iemand daar al een cursus over usability and user interfaces heeft gevolgd ? Of is het leren door fouten te maken ? Wel als ze daar het geld voor hebben.... maar ze zouden het beter aan 11.11.11 geven ipv door het venster te gooien.

vb http://www.demorgen.be/dm/nl/989/Binnenland/article/detai...

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