flemish artist attacked by digital campaign by extreme Right

For the first time in 20 years the popular flemish artists have decided to organise together a concert the weekend before the local elections to appeal the people to stop voting so massively for the populist but very extreme right vlaams belang. The problem for the vlaams belang is that the artists are now also very popular artists that before never spoke out, but now have feel the time to come.


They are now having to treat with a digital campaign orchestrated by the offices of the extreme right party. This is not the first time that the extreme right in Flanders have shown their digital teeth and spammed or attacked discussion forums and sites away.


The only thing site owners of the groups and fansites can do is the following

1. First and most important  Do change all your emailadresses in online forms and limit the possible subjects to a few. This makes it impossible to attack your mailserver with a serverbased tool. Secondly if your emailadres is known, change it. And maybe between now and than you will have to change it sometimes. And be sure that people will have to fill in a code before sending an answer. And do not publish immediately those posts.


2. Do not let any comments, forums or reactions be done without a form of registration. You can put a script like here to show that you know their ip adress. If it is a hacked one, than they are infringing belgian law.


3. Put your site on a reverse proxy and keep a copy of your site offline on a new server, ready to de deployed if yours is going down. Ask your hosting firm to keep logs and let him put off the most stringest defenses (application attacks, anti ddos,...... a professional firewall like checkpoint lets you do this easily).


4. Google what is being said or planned about you by typing your name and 0110. A google alert is very interesting in this case.


5. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the comments and so on. It is just a small but very good organised minority.


You will find much more security information on the links aside

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