belgian free .be campaign used to insert splogs and spyware

rills.be (site gone)    with a list of 109 doorway sites


than I used the siteadvisor to follow the links and I saw that most of them are interlinked.


the most dangereous is peakclick.be  (downloads from active x with connection to ICQ)  changes with toolbar searchpage, homepage and more add ons


huga.be  ciantsee.be   derm0.be  ryta.be  nucl.be  vm0.be  hc0.be  5pw.be  keste.be  1yak.be  getnow.be  erastor.be  tugy.be  modded.be  hrast.be huga.be berh.be  frix.be  kled.be  dicta3a.be  peakc.be  e5w.be  rofiz.be
rasek.be  fecunre.be  den3tive.be  0o3.be  eske3r.be drud.be  gynd.be
known.be hc0.be m0lle.be  topoffers.be  buygood.be


We than did a who is and arrived for them always at strange belgian addresses for for example  frix.be
Naam  Jidhfusi Ferlkfd 
Organisatie  Ckjldaj inc.


and although they were registered through Eurodns and others I am not sure they checked the addresses. Who is responsable for checking the addresses ?


The only thing I think is working and right is the emailadresses which is always

one at  @globalsquid


and if you go to http://globalsquid.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi

than you will see it is an online doorway (splog) page creator club

who registered and interlinked their free belgian domains

and these are russians  doorways@mail.ru is their contact


What is www.dns.be doing about it ?

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